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             The Virginia State Capitol Building         Senate Chamber of the Virginia Capitol              The ferry crossing at Ferry Farm              Site of Washington home at Ferry Farm
    Surveyors building at Ferry Farm          Spring flowers      Chatham - Rear view       Chatham - Front view, shadows on brick indicate porch addition that has been removed
       Looking across the Rappahannock to Fredericksburg from Chatham        Laundry building at Chatham       Belmont - home of Gari Melchers        Belmont
            Gari Melchers studio at Belmont           North facing window in the studio at Belmont              The stone wall and sunken road at Marye's Heights              The Angel of Marye's Heights
             The Innis House on the battlefield at Marye's Heights              The Fifth Corps Monument at Fredericksburg National Cemetery Fredericksburg National Cemetery - Only union troupes are buried here             View from Lee's Hill where General Lee commanded the battle of Fredericksburg
               30 Pound Parrott rifle like the ones used to shell the Union troupes.             View from Prospect Hill - southern end of Confederate line - held by Stonewall Jackson's Second Corp        Monument to Stonewall Jackson where he was shot by friendly fire.            Texas Monument at the Tapp Farm - Wilderness Battlefield
            Ohio monument at "The Bloody Triangle"    Monument at "The Bloody Triangle"                  The plantation office where Stonewall Jackson died         Painting showing Jackson's ambulance arriving at Fairfield Plantation
    Stonewall Jackson shrine at Fairfield          Rising Sun Tavern - Fredericksburg                Mary Washington House - Fredericksburg Archeological dig at Kenmore
  Cannonball imbedded in the wall at Kenmore         Plaster ceiling work at Kenmore              Plaster ceiling work at Kenmore           Plaster ceiling work at Kenmore
           Front view of Kenmore             Rear view of Kenmore               Slave auction block in Fredericksburg              View from the front lawn of Montpelier
            Side view of Montpelier - rear section being removed during restoration             Rear of Montpelier during restoration        Recreated Montpelier dining room      Recreated bedroom of Dolley Madison
        Temple at Montpelier - symbol of the estate    Montpelier today as restoration is underway             Graves of James Madison and Dolley Madison            James Madison's grave with wreaths from his birthday celebration on March 16




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