New York - 2004


Connecticut - 2004
Washington DC - 2004
Georgia & Flordia - 2004
Illinois - 2005
Massachusetts - 2004
New Hampshire
New York - 2004
North Carolina 2005
Ohio - 2004
Pennsylvania - 2004
Rhode Island - 2004
Texas 2004
Virginia - 2004
West Virginia - 2004
New Brunswick
Nova Scotia


       Niagara Falls State Park Map        Niagara Rainbow    Horseshoe Falls (Canadian) with Maid of the Mist from U. S.    Horseshoe Falls from U. S.
          Bridal Veil and American Falls        Looking down at the boardwalk to Cave of the Winds      American Rapids above the falls      American Falls as seen from the Maid of the Mist
   Horseshoe Falls as seen from Maid of the Mist        Looking up at the American Falls from the Cave of the Winds Boardwalk                At the base of Bridal Veil Falls on the Cave of the Winds boardwalk    Horseshoe Falls from Canada
   Horseshoe Falls from Canada     American Falls from Canada             One of the earliest carousel horses              One of the animals the Herschell factory was famous for
     Carousel rooster          Kiddie carousel      American Falls with special effects Lighting      American Falls with special effects lighting
    American Falls with special effects lighting            John Brown farmhouse             John Brown Grave        Looking down from the bottom of the ski jump - note snow on left
             The ski jumps at Lake Placid              Info on the ski jumps at Lake Placid I             nfo on the ski jumps at Lake Placid           Medal Awards platform at Lake Placid
  Adirondack waterfall             New York State capitol building          Ceiling detail in capitol building reception area           FDR's dressing area with wheelchair he designed
         FDR's bedroom            View of Springwood from Hudson River   Springwood, home of FDR             FDR and Eleanor Roosevelt gravesites
             The Rose Garden at Springwood              The FDR Presidential Museum and Library           FDR's study and office in the museum           FDR's presidential desk
            Val-Kill, home of Eleanor Roosevelt     Vanderbilt Mansion in Hyde Park            View of the Hudson from the Vanderbilt Mansion Continued



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