Washington DC - 2004


Connecticut - 2004
Washington DC - 2004
Georgia & Flordia - 2004
Illinois - 2005
Massachusetts - 2004
New Hampshire
New York - 2004
North Carolina 2005
Ohio - 2004
Pennsylvania - 2004
Rhode Island - 2004
Texas 2004
Virginia - 2004
West Virginia - 2004
New Brunswick
Nova Scotia


   Silverback gorilla - National Zoo   Orangutans  National Zoo        Pandas National Zoo        Pandas  National Zoo
      Pandas  National Zoo         Panda  National Zoo         Panda  National Zoo          Panda  National Zoo
      National Capitol Bldg from the Mall Washington Monument from the Mall   Smithsonian Museum of Natural History              The Castle first Smithsonian building
         Opals in Hall of Gems/Museum of Natural History - Millie's birthstone           Opals in Hall of Gems           Opals in Hall of Gems           Opals in Hall of Gems
Fluorescent rocks under normal light Fluorescent rocks without light         Brazos River strata from our home town.              The Hope Diamond - On Millie's Christmas list!
            Pink magnolias in the Enid A Haupt Garden at the rear of the Castle              The Jefferson Memorial              Part of the Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial          Cherry Blossoms
  Washington Memorial and Cherry Blossoms         Korean War Memorial              The Lincoln Memorial   Washington Memorial and reflecting pool.
             The Gettysburg Address at the Lincoln Memorial       Beautiful Lincoln sculpture at his memorial              The Vietnam War Memorial        Looking towards the White House from the Washington Memorial
       Looking towards the Lincoln Memorial from the Washington Memorial. The new WWII Memorial in the foreground.              The Jefferson Memorial  and Tidal Basin from the Washington Memorial              The Capitol and the Mall from the Washington Memorial          Steam engine in the Museum of American History transportation exhibit
             The U. S. Capitol              The interior of the Capitol dome          Close-up of the painting in the center of the dome depicting George Washington surrounded by figures representing the 13 original states        Painting encircling the dome depicting the history of our country.
         Marble bust of Abraham Lincoln.  Model for his face on Mt. Rushmore              The U. S. Capitol              The house where Lincoln died, across the street from Ford's Theater           Ford's Theater
  Presidential box where Lincoln was shot, Ford's Theater                 At the Air and Space Museum                At the Air and Space Museum                At the Air and Space Museum
                The White House      



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