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We discovered this Luna Moth on the side of the booth one morning. Dick at the entrance booth at Ruark Bluff East Our volunteer site at Ruark Bluff East Harry S. Truman Birthplace State Park
 Harry S. Truman Birthplace The Ray House, Wilson Creek Battlefield National Historic Site About the Ray House Site of battle across from the Ray house.
About the battle of Wilson's Creek The Ray springhouse, original structure Bloody Hill, Wilson Creek Battlefield Positions of forces at Bloody Hill
Dub and Patty Urton with Annie - Our park attendants at Ruark Bluff East One of our bunny visitors Baby bunny who stopped by to take a nap. Sites under water



Sites under water Sites under water Sites under water Visitors Center at George Washington Carver National Site
Site of the birthplace of George Washington Carver Later home of Carver's adopted family Graves of Carver's adopted parents

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