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Louisiana 2007
Missouri 2007
Texas 2007


Rosedown Plantation This needlepoint device was used to keep flies away form the dining table Beautiful ceiling medallion at Rosedown A rarity, an indoor bath room -Rosedown Plantation
This shower was used in the bathroom at Rosedown. Bather pulled the cord to release water flow Beautiful crib used at Rosedown.  Original to the home View of gardens from the second floor veranda at Rosedown Rosedown Plantation
Early Maternity wear. (This is the first example we have ever seen) Louisiana State
Capitol Building
Senate Chamber of Louisiana State Capitol View of Baton Rouge area and the Mississippi River from the observation deck of the Capitol building
View of Mississippi River and Baton Rouge from the observation deck of the Capitol Capitol gardens from the observation deck The old State Capitol of Louisiana Beautiful stained glass dome of the old State Capitol
The spiral staircase of the old Capitol The old Governor's Mansion in Baton Rouge.  Rural Life Museum - Baton Rouge The Commissary - Rural Life Museum
Commissary - Rural Life Museum Rural Life Museum Hearse - Rural Life Museum




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