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Arizona 2006
Florida 2006
Georgia 2006
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Interior of the Iowa State House Dome The State Law Library interior Stained glass ceiling in Law Library The Iowa State House
Sand Painting Information on Sand Painting An early Winnebago Trailer John Wayne's Birthplace
The Roseman Bridge (1883) Madison Cty, IA Hogback Bridge (1884) Madison Cty, IA Cedar Bridge (1883/2004) Madison Cty, IA Holliwell Bridge(1880) Madison Cty, IA
Imes Bridge (1870) Madison Cty, IA Cutler-Donahoe Bridge (1870) Madison Cty, IA Jessie Hoover Blacksmith Shop President Herbert Hoover Birthplace
The Quaker Meetinghouse Interior - Quaker Meeting House. Sexes were divided by the center wall. Cry Room of the Quaker Meeting House Recreation of the living room of the Hoover New York City apartment
The Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum Herbert and Lou Hoover gravesites Neat classic car and RV spotted in Amana, IA




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