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Shelling on Sanibel Island Mangrove Island - Everglades National Park Osprey on Mangrove Island - Everglades National Park Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin
Bottlenose Dolphin Bottlenose Dolphins Watching for the Shuttle Discovery to Launch Crowds at the Discovery Launch
Cape Kennedy-Assembly Building is in the center Discovery is off the pad. Go Discovery go! Fort Matanzas

St. Augustine, FL

Kevin (Costumed interpreter at Fort Matanzas) The ferry at Fort Matanzas Fort Matanzas Fort Matanzas
Castillo de San Marcos, St. Augustine, FL Guard barracks  at  Castillo de San Marcos Lighthouse view from Castillo de San Marcos Dry Moat with hot shot furnace at Castillo de San Marcos
Costumed cannon squad - Castillo de San Marcos Cannon firing at Castillo de San Marcos  




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