Millie's Needlework


Millie's Needlework II    Rig for Sale






            My one and only
try at Candlewicking
   Goose Island at
Glacier National Park (This won prize at our county fair)
     Linen stitched with silk floss          Hardanger - 1st of set of 4 -
  Hardanger - 2nd of set of 4 - Summer
     Harvest placemats and breadcloth Sampler - Last Stitches of 20th Century Sampler - First Stitches of 21st Century Hardanger Angel Millie's first Hardanger project        Back view of Hardanger Angel
    Millie's pieced Christmas vest - 2003        Back view of Christmas vest - 2003       Detail of tree w/charms on vest  - 2003     Millie's cross-stitch for Ann          Ann with her beautiful crayon quilt
Christmas Quilt - Yellow Brick Road Pattern "Maine" Quilt - Yellow Brick Road Pattern Arizona Block - Paper Pieced for Freightliner RV Haulers Club quilt Hawaiian Quilt block pillow


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