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Family and Friends Photo Gallery

L-R: Millie, Evelyn, Mary and Ann L-R: Ann, Millie, Mary Brenda's Quilt (Jamie' Horse) Denise's Quilt (Ginkgo Garden) Donna's Quilt (Which Way Are We Going?)
Mary's Quilt (The Mabry Mill) The M & M's (L-R: Brenda, Denise, Donna and Mary) with their quilt covers.  This kept the quilts from being seen by their owners. Sam and Becky Hardesty Phyllis Davis w/Molly and Dave Heaton w/Tootsie Mary and Frank Orsak 25th Anniversary
Ann Nichols, Mary and Frank Orsak and Olga Pope Angel, Darin, Amber, Mary, Frank and Darina Mary and Frank w/extended family Anniversary cakes Robert, Lacey and Dick - Thanksgiving 2007
Jaymee Lynn Kass (Our first great-grandchile Jaymee Lynn Kass Mom, Rikki Petee, Grandma Debbie Petee and Jaymee Lynn Kass Debbie (Grandma) and Jaymee Millie (Great Grandma) and Jaymee
Millie (Great Grandma) and Jaymee Dick (Great Grandpa) and Jaymee Debbie and Jaymee Stormy Elizabeth Smith (Our second Great Grandaughter) Stormy Elizabeth Smith
Stormy Elizabeth Smith Stormy Elizabeth  and her mom Amanda Paxton Smith Dad, Ira
Smith and Stormy Elizabeth
Thanksgiving at Cracker Barrel - Ann, Evelyn, Millie and Danny  


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