Arizona 2005


Arizona 2005
Freightliner Rally 2005
Florida 2005
Kentucky 2005
Louisiana 2005
Michigan  2005
Ohio 2005
Tennessee 2005
Texas 2005
West Virginia


Big South Fork Scenic Railway at Blue Heron Blue Heron Tipple Iron Furnace at Cumberland Gap Millie at the Cumberland Gap
View from Blue Heron Overlook Mary Todd Lincoln's Tea Set Home of KFC Kentucky Horse Park
Cigar John Henry (we think) Man O' War grave and memorial Old Fort Harrod
Federal Monument honoring Kentucky Pioneers Replica of first loom in Kentucky Cabin where the parents of Abraham Lincoln were married Kentucky State Capitol in Frankfort
Kentucky First Ladies doll collection Lunette in Kentucky Capitol Kentucky Senate Chamber Floral Clock
Old Kentucky Capitol Building Dome in Old Capitol Building, lighting is natural Self supporting keystone staircase in Old Capitol Legislative Chamber in Old Capitol
Stephen Foster Federal Hill, "My Old Kentucky Home" Opening Chorus of "Stephen Foster, the Musical"




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