Quickly convert existing Word text into a table

If you have existing text in a Word document that you think would be better suited for a table, you don't have to cut and paste it into the table cells. Word can convert it for you. To do this, select the text and then choose Table| Convert | Text To Table from the menu bar. When you issue this command, Word displays the Convert Text To Table dialog box, where you specify the table's column and row delimiters, and even apply an AutoFormat. Select the settings you need for your text and click OK. However, if you need to convert text to a table and don't need to implement any special settings or an AutoFormat, there's a much quicker method. Just select the text you'd like to convert to a table then click the Insert Table button on the Standard toolbar. Word instantly converts the selected text to a table, using any paragraph marks, tab characters, commas, or semicolons as column and row delimiters. If you use this shortcut method and don't like the results, just click the Undo button.

Created Date: 04/25/2003  Last Reviewed: 04/25/2003  Rev. Date: