How do you troubleshoot problems with the layout of a complex document?

In all versions of Word, you can click the Standard toolbar's Show/Hide button to view paragraph markers, which can help identify bad breaks or unnecessary blank lines.

But when you're formatting a document that contains normal text, columnar text, and a variety of margin settings, the paragraph markers alone don't provide much help in keeping track of each discrete section. Word 2000, however, offers a new feature that can make editing easier for you and your users: text boundaries.

To see your text boundaries, go to Tools | Options and click the View tab. In the Print And Web Layout Options section, select the Text Boundaries check box. Click OK to make the change effective. When you return to your document, you'll see that Word 2000 displays a dotted line identifying your page margins, columns, and other objects.

This line is only visible in the Web Layout or Print Layout views, and it doesn't appear on your hard copies.

Created Date: 11/14/2001  Last Reviewed: 11/14/2001  Rev. Date: