By default, Word's AutoFormat As You Type feature makes it easy to create numbered lists. Type a number, type the text, and press [Enter].

When you do, Word assumes you're creating a numbered list and will number and format all subsequent lines of text, until you "turn off" the numbering by pressing [Enter] twice in a row.

As handy as the auto numbering feature can be, it can cause headaches if the list is "broken" from one page to the next. For instance, you might not want numbered items one and two to appear on the first page, while numbered items three, four, and five appear on the second page. Word 2000 makes it easy to keep the entire list on the same page. First, type your numbered list as you normally would. Next, select the items in your list and go to Format | Paragraph | Line And Page Breaks. Finally, activate the check box for the Keep With Next option. Now as you add or delete lines in front of your numbered list, the list will remain together on the same page.

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