Do you support Word 2000 users who create and maintain documents that contain lots of images? Unless those users have computers with fast processors and lots of memory, they may complain about how long it takes to scroll through documents during editing.

Here's a time-saving tip that can help: Teach your users how to suppress the display of images and decrease the time it takes Word 2000 to "paint" each screen when you're scrolling through the document.

Here's how.

Go to Tools | Options and click the View tab. In the Show section, select the Picture Placeholders check box and click OK. Then, instead of displaying Clip Art, .gif, .jpeg, or other images, the program will display what look like empty boxes where the images are supposed to be. (In fact, if you insert a new image with this setting active, the new image comes in looking like an empty box.)

Assure your users that the pictures haven't gone anywhere. They can verify they're still there by going to File | Print Preview. Your users can always display the images again by going to Tools | Options | View and deselecting the Picture Placeholders check box.


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