Creating MacroButton placeholders

Creating MacroButton placeholders for custom information

(97/2000/2001/2002) Many built-in Word templates, such as the Contemporary Memo template, contain placeholder fields where you can enter custom information. By default, these fields display default text that acts as helpful information, such as [Click here and type name].

When you click on the field and begin typing, the default text is replaced with the text that you type. You can create these types of placeholders in your own documents using a MacroButton field. MacroButton fields are designed to run specific macros when you double-click on them. However, when you point to a nonexistent macro in your MacroButton field, it becomes a handy placeholder. A MacroButton placeholder field uses the following syntax:

{MacroButton NoMacro DisplayText}

where DisplayText is your custom display text. To quickly recreate the [Click here and type name] placeholder we mention earlier, press [Ctrl][F9] ([command][F9] on the Mac) to insert a set of field braces, and then type "MacroButton NoMacro [Click here and type name]" (without quotes) between them. To toggle the field's display from field codes to field results, press [Shift][F9] or right-click ([control]-click on the Mac) on the field and choose Toggle Field Codes from the resulting shortcut menu. When you do, you'll see only the display text you specified. To replace your new placeholder with new text, simply click on it and begin typing.


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