Viewing multiple pages simultaneously (97/98/2000)

When you're working with a multi-page document layout, it's often helpful to look at it from a birds-eye view. This can help you accurately gauge the layout and length of your document. Viewing multiple pages at the same time also makes it easy to move or copy items from one page to another. You can view multiple pages of your document in Print Preview mode or Print Layout view (Page Layout view in Word 97 and 98). To do so, first switch to Print Preview mode by clicking the Print Preview button in the Standard toolbar, or switch to Print Layout view (or Page Layout view, as applicable) by clicking its corresponding button in the lower-left corner of the application window. Next choose View | Zoom from the menu bar. In the Zoom dialog box, select the Many Pages option button. Click on the option button's corresponding monitor icon, and then choose the number of pages you'd like to display from the resulting pop-up menu. (To extend the pop-up menu's options, click in the pop-up menu and drag the mouse pointer to display additional pages.) When you've finished, click OK. As an alternative, when Print Preview mode is active you can simply click the Multiple Pages button in the Print Preview toolbar to reveal the page-selection pop-up menu. (Note: By default, you cannot edit document contents in Print Preview mode. To enable document editing in Print Preview mode, click on the Magnifier button in the Print Preview toolbar.)

Created Date: 12/10/2001  Last Reviewed: 12/10/2001  Rev. Date: