You printed a 12-page document, and the last page has just two lines on it--hardly worth a whole page. If you hate it when the last page of your Word document contains only a small amount of text, you have a couple of options. You can widen your left and right margins to pull that small amount of text back up onto the previous page, or you can adjust the font size used. However, Word's Shrink To Fit feature can, in most cases, save both an extra sheet of paper as well as the time it takes to reformat. Word compacts the printout by reducing every font by a small amount, such as a half a point or a full point.

To use the Shrink To Fit feature, go to File | Print Preview and then click the Shrink To Fit icon (the one that shows an image of two sheets with an arrow pointing to a single sheet) on the Print Preview toolbar. After printing, you may want to undo Shrink To Fit. To do this, in Print Preview mode, go to Edit | Undo. If you exit Print Preview mode, you can still undo Shrink To Fit changes if you haven't resaved the document.

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