Quickly adding space between bullets and numbers (97/98/2000)

In a previous tip, we described how to pick up automatic list numbering after an unnumbered paragraph using the Continue Previous List feature. However, you can quickly add an unnumbered paragraph between bullet or list items by inserting a manual line break (also known as a "hard" or "carriage" return).

To do so, press [Shift][Enter]. Word inserts a new line without applying the current bullet or numbering scheme. To resume the list's numbering scheme and sequence, press [Enter] to insert a standard line break. The new line sports the original bullet or numbering scheme and picks up the numbering sequence where you left off.

This tip was contributed by Rich Ballard [rballmis@pop.k12.vt.us].

Created Date: 12/11/2001  Last Reviewed: 12/11/2001  Rev. Date: