Printing Word documents in reverse page order


If your printer stacks printed pages in such a way that the first page of your document is at the bottom of the stack and the last page ends up at the top, then you're forced to waste precious time rearranging the printed pages to get them in their proper order. Luckily, Word is sensitive to these types of printer situations and offers a simple solution. Rather than rearranging printed pages by hand, you can configure Word to print them in reverse order. To do so, select Tools | Options from the menu bar. In the Options dialog box, click on the Print tab. Select the Reverse Print Order check box in the Printing Options panel, then click OK. You can also access this setting when you prepare to print your document by selecting File | Print from the menu bar to open the Print dialog box. Click the Options button to access the Print property sheet, then select the Reverse Print Order check box and click OK. Then, click OK to print your document or click Close to exit the Print dialog box. This technique isn't limited to use with a quirky printer --you'll find it convenient any time you need to print a document beginning from the last page to the first.

Created Date: 12/06/2001  Last Reviewed: 12/06/2001  Rev. Date: