Have your users ever created a table that just kept growing and growing as they added new rows of data? When their table spans two or more pages, you should suggest that they include a "header" row at the top of each page that contains labels for each column in the table. Here are two ways to accomplish this mission.

First, you can select the first row of your table, press [Ctrl]X or go to Edit | Cut to place that row on the clipboard, go to View | Header And Footer, and press [Ctrl]V to paste the row into the document header. Your column labels will then appear on every page.

The problem with this approach is that the column labels occupy space in the document header. If you also want to repeat information such as the document name and page numbers on every page, your header can get pretty crowded. Fortunately, there's a workaround that lets you repeat a table row on every page without using the document header.

To start, select the first row of your table (the one that contains your column labels). Then go to Table | Heading Rows Repeat. When your table grows beyond the first page, Word will automatically repeat the first row on subsequent pages. If you want to repeat two rows on each page, select the second row and go to Table | Heading Rows Repeat, and Word will repeat those first two rows on subsequent pages.

Created Date: 03/13/2002  Last Reviewed: 03/13/2002  Rev. Date: