Email documents on the fly (97/98/2000)

Many of us share documents with others by sending them as email attachments. Instead of going through the trouble of opening your email program, creating a new message, and attaching the document yourself, why not let Word do it for you? You can easily attach an open Word document to a new email message directly from Word.

To do so, open the document you'd like to send, and then choose File | Send To | Mail Recipient from the menu bar. When you do, Word launches your default email client, creates a new message, and attaches a copy of the current Word document to the new message.

All you need to do is specify the message's recipients, add any applicable message text if desired, and send the message on its merry way. (Note: This technique works only with MAPI and VIM compatible email clients, such as Outlook and Lotus Notes. Compatible email clients differ on Macintosh systems. For more information about email compatibility with your version and operating system, see Microsoft Word Help.)

Created Date: 12/10/2001  Last Reviewed: 12/10/2001  Rev. Date: