Display table headings at the top of every page

(97/2000/2001/2002) When you create a lengthy table that spills over onto the next page, Word doesn't display the table's headings (i.e., the table's first row) at the top of each page that contains a portion of the table. This behavior can make multi-page tables difficult to read.

However, you can easily configure Word to repeat a table's heading row wherever the table breaks across pages. To do so, place the insertion point anywhere within the table's first row, and then choose Table | Heading Rows Repeat (Table | Headings in Word 97) from the menu bar. 

Word automatically repeats the row contents wherever the table breaks across pages. In addition, Word automatically adjusts the placement of repeated heading rows so that when you add or remove rows from the body of the table, the repeated heading rows always appear at the top of the page. And keep in mind that Word doesn't display repeated row headings onscreen when Normal, Outline or Web Layout (Online Layout in Word 97/2001) view is active. This behavior is by design; even though repeated row headings aren't displayed in these views, they'll still be applied when you print your document.



Created Date: 02/25/2002  Last Reviewed: 02/25/2002  Rev. Date: