One of the new faces on the Word 2002 Drawing toolbar is Insert Diagram

Or Organization Chart. This little jewel is what many Word users have been dreaming about for years: a relatively painless way to create organizational charts, cycle diagrams, radial diagrams, pyramids, Venn diagrams, and target diagrams.

Creating the basic shapes is as easy as double-clicking. Then, wherever you see Click To Add Text, you'll know what to do. Suppose you don't like the default color schemes for the diagram you selected? When the Diagram toolbar appears, click the AutoFormat button. When the Diagram Style Gallery appears, select one of the styles, such as Shaded, Fire, or 3-D Color, and you'll see a preview of that style. When you find one you like, click the Apply button.

Suppose you create a Venn diagram and spend a fair amount of time entering the text for that diagram. Then you decide you'd rather create a cycle or a pyramid diagram instead. You don't have to retype a thing. Just click the Change To button and select a different diagram style.

However, while changing the style guarantees that your text will still be there, it doesn't guarantee that it will look right. You may have to tweak the size or font of your text to accommodate the layout of the new design.

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