A quicker way to insert floating clip art (2000)

In a recent tip, we explained how you can quickly insert a clip art object into Word 2000's drawing layer by copying and pasting it. Since then, many of you have suggested an even quicker alternative: the drag-and-drop technique. To use this technique, choose Insert | Picture | Clip Art from the menu bar or click the Drawing toolbar's Insert Clip Art button to access the Insert ClipArt dialog box. Locate the clip art object you'd like to insert, and then simply drag it from the Insert ClipArt dialog box to your document. The Insert ClipArt dialog box readjusts its size to move out of your way as you drag the selected object to your document.

When you release the mouse button to drop the clip art object in your document, Word reactivates the document window, while the Insert ClipArt dialog box remains open in the background. At this point, you can customize your floating clip art object at will.

Thanks to all who shared this technique with us!



Created Date: 12/07/2001  Last Reviewed: 12/07/2001  Rev. Date: