Save Time When Creating Hyperlinks in Office Documents
From Sherry Moore, Austin, Texas

Office programs enable you to create hyperlinks to external Web sites. Here's a quick way to insert a Web site address:

  1. Highlight the text you want linked, and press CTRL+K.
  2. In the Insert Hyperlink dialog box, make sure the insertion point is in the Address box.
  3. Start your browser, and open the Web site you want to link to.
  4. Switch back to the Office document. The Web site address will automatically appear in the Insert Hyperlink dialog box; there's no need to type it in or copy and paste from your browser.
  5. Click OK.


Editor's Note: This tip works in all Office programs except Microsoft Publisher. Also, this tip works in Outlook only if you use Word as your e-mail editor.



Created Date: 01/09/2002  Last Reviewed: 01/09/2002  Rev. Date: