If you need an image to be a specific size, you can set that size in FrontPage's Picture Properties dialog box (Image Properties in FrontPage 98). Open the dialog box by right-clicking on the image in question and choosing Picture Properties or Image Properties. Then, switch to the Appearance tab and enable the Specify Size check box. You can now change the image's size.

To maintain the image's original proportions, be sure the Keep Aspect Ratio check box is enabled. When you change one dimension, FrontPage calculates what the other dimension should be.

Keep in mind that resizing the image only changes its displayed size, not its file size. If you've made the image smaller, you should click the Resample button on the Pictures (or Image) toolbar to make its file size fit its displayed size.

Created Date: 04/24/2002  Last Reviewed: 04/24/2002  Rev. Date: