If you create a text navigation bar in FrontPage that includes Home, Up, Back and Next buttons, those buttons will be labeled Home, Up, Back and Next, just as you would expect. But what if you want to give them different names--in the case of a non-English-language site, for example? To do so, from the Tools menu choose Web Settings and click on the Navigation tab. Here, you can name the navigation buttons anything you'd like. Then click OK. To change them back, open the Navigation property sheet, click the Default button and click OK.

Evenly distribute text within controls (Access 97/2000/2002)

When you add form or report controls, it's likely that you don't bother to change the Text Align property from its default General setting: characters align to the left of the control while numbers and dates align to the right. When you set up controls to act as headings or titles, you can achieve interesting visual results by changing the Text Align setting to Distribute. This setting distributes characters within the control evenly to span its entire width. If you apply this setting to a textbox control, the alignment switches to Left alignment when you click inside the control to allow for easy data entry.


Created Date: 05/08/2002  Last Reviewed: 05/08/2002  Rev. Date: