Build Your Own Hover Buttons in FrontPage 2000

From Richard Linsky, Wynnewood, Pennsylvania

Have you ever wondered how to make the buttons on your Web pages change color, move, or light up when users point to them with a mouse? It's easy to do with Microsoft FrontPage® 2000.

First, you'll need to create two versions of the button you want to put on your page. One version that appears when the page first loads and another slightly different version that users see when they point to the button with a mouse. You can create your graphics using Microsoft PhotoDraw™ 2000 or any drawing program you use to create graphics for the Web.

Once you've created your graphics, here's how you put them on your page:

1.                On the Insert menu, click Component, and then click Hover Button.

2.                In the Link to box, enter the URL of the page or file you want to display when the button is clicked.

3.                In the Button text box, type the text label for the hover button. Leave this box blank if the graphic you created already contains a text label.

4.                Click Custom.

5.                In the Button box, enter the URL to the picture you want users to see when they first open the page.

6.                In the On hover box, enter the URL to the picture you want users to see when they put a mouse over the button. Then click OK.

7.                In the Width and Height boxes, type the width and height of the picture in pixels, and then click OK. The size of the hover button must match the size of the picture you use for the hover effect.

And if you don't have graphics already created, you can select one of the built-in hover effects in FrontPage 2000, such as Glow or Bevel, to quickly add interactivity to any page on your site.


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