Useful Shortcut Keys in Excel 2000

Do you find that using the keyboard is sometimes quicker than using your mouse? Shortcut keys can help you bypass menus and carry out commands directly. You can use shortcut keys in many ways with Excel, from accessing commands and toolbar buttons to outlining and editing information. Shortcut keys are sometimes listed next to the command name on menus. For example, on the Edit menu, the Copy command shows the shortcut CTRL+C.

For a comprehensive list of shortcuts, ask the Office Assistant for help. In Excel 2000 or any of the other Office 2000 applications, press F1 to display the Assistant, and then type shortcut keys in the text box. Here are some of the most useful Excel shortcut keys:

Activity Shortcut Keys
Select the current column CTRL+SPACEBAR
Select the current row SHIFT+SPACEBAR
Move to the beginning of the worksheet CTRL+HOME
Move to the last cell on the worksheet, which is the cell at the intersection of the rightmost used column and the bottommost used row (in the lower-right corner), or the cell opposite the home cell, which is typically A1 CTRL+END
Paste a function into a formula SHIFT+F3
When you enter a formula, display the Formula Palette after you type a function name CTRL+A
Select all (when you are not entering or editing a formula) CTRL+A
Alternate between displaying cell values and displaying cell formulas CTRL+` (single left quotation mark)
Calculate all sheets in all open workbooks F9
Calculate the active worksheet SHIFT+F9
Create a chart that uses the current range F11 or ALT+F1
Enter the date CTRL+; (semicolon)
Enter the time CTRL+: (colon)
Fill the selected cell range with the current entry CTRL+ENTER
Display the Go To dialog box F5
Display the Format Cells dialog box CTRL+1
Paste CTRL+V
Print CTRL+P

Additional Resources

For more information about keyboard shortcuts in Excel 2000, see the following:

In addition, you can download A List of Useful Office 2000 Shortcut Keys.


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