Simplify tracking down Excel formula errors

When you get a worksheet formula error like #VALUE! you may have a hard time finding the cells referenced in the formula that are contributing to the error. You can use Excel's tracer arrows to simplify the process. First, select a cell that contains an error.

Then, choose Tools | Auditing | Trace Errors. Excel displays tracer arrows from any referenced cells that contribute to the error to the cell containing the error. You can quickly jump between the formula and the referenced cells by clicking on the appropriate tracer arrow. If you choose Tools | Auditing | Trace Precedents from the menu bar, you can display arrows for the next level of referenced cells. You can use the Trace Precedents feature with any cell that contains a formula, regardless of whether an error has occurred. To remove the tracer arrows, choose Tools | Auditing | Remove All Arrows from the menu bar. These features, and related auditing tools, can also be accessed through the Auditing toolbar. To show the toolbar, choose Tools | Auditing | Show Auditing Toolbar from the menu bar.

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