Printing multiple sheets

If you teach or support Excel users, here's a tip that can save time no matter which version of Excel you use. If you're editing a spreadsheet, you can print that sheet by pressing [Ctrl]P to summon the Print dialog box and clicking OK, or click the Standard toolbar's Print icon.

But what if you want to print two, three, or more sheets at the same time? You're wasting precious time if you open, print, and close each sheet individually. Here's a faster way. Press [Ctrl]O to summon the Open dialog box and navigate to the appropriate folder. Click on the first file you want to print and then hold down the [Ctrl] key while you click on additional files to select them. After you've selected all the files you want to print, click on any of the selected files and choose Print from the context menu. When you do, Excel will open and print each file in turn.

This tip will also work from the Windows Explorer window. Open the folder that contains the workbooks you want to print, select the files, click on one of the selected files, and choose Print.  

Note: This approach assumes you want to print the most recent print range (or the default print range) in the files you select.


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