Using range names is an excellent way to refer to large blocks of cells because range names are always absolute references. In many cases, it isn't practical to name every cell, or range of cells, just to make the reference absolute. In other cases, you may want a mixed absolute reference instead of a fully absolute one. Fortunately, Excel provides an easy way to change a cell reference from relative to mixed absolute to completely absolute: the [F4] key. To use this time-saver:

* Click on the cell that contains the formula you want to edit and then focus your attention on the Formula Bar. * Click anywhere on a cell reference (or select two or more cell references) and press [F4].

Each time you press [F4], Excel will toggle the reference(s) between completely absolute ($A$2), absolute column only ($A2), absolute row only (A$2), and back to a relative cell reference (A2).

Created Date: 04/17/2002  Last Reviewed: 04/17/2002  Rev. Date: