Limited imports

Have you ever wanted to create a new Access database based on the results of a query from another database? One way to do this is to simply copy the entire database and then modify the copy. However, chances are you're not going to need that query's underlying tables or the other objects defined in the original database, and deleting the objects you don't need could take longer than starting a project from scratch.

Access lets you import the query from the source database as a new table in your new database.

Go to File | Get External Data | Import.

Select the appropriate database and click Import.

On the Import Objects dialog box's Queries sheet, select the query or queries you want to import.

Click the Options button and, in the Import Queries section, click the As Tables option and then click OK.

When you do this, Access will process the query or queries you specified and save the results as a table (or tables) in your new database. The new table will have the same name as the original query. Now you can begin designing additional forms, reports, and queries based on your new table.


Created Date: 05/03/2002  Last Reviewed: 05/03/2001  Rev. Date: