Easily simulate 3-D labels in Access forms and reports

Although most Access programmers are probably not as skilled at graphics as they are at database design, here's a simple technique you can use to add pizzazz to forms and reports with 3-D effects. 

Open the object you want to modify in Design view and select the label that you want to apply the effect to. 

Then, display the label's property sheet, and ensure its Back Style property is set to Transparent. 

Next, set the Font Size property to at least 12 and the Font Weight property to Bold or heavier. Finally, for the Fore Color property, pick a "highlight" color, such as White (16777215). Any color can be used as long as it contrasts with the form's or report's background color AND it contrasts with the usual label color of Black (0). Note that you may need to resize your label at this point to see all of the text.

Now, right-click on the label and choose Copy from the shortcut menu,right-click elsewhere on the form and choose Paste. 

Change the new label's Fore Color to Black (or any dark color). 

Then, simply move the new label over the old one with your mouse and adjust the position using the [Ctrl] key in conjunction with the keyboard arrows. 

To achieve a raised effect, adjust the labels so that the lighter text is one grid unit to the left and up from the darker text. Also try the opposite--place the lighter text below and to the right for a different illusion. If you want, you can take 3-D effect further by adding a third "shadow" color.

This tip was submitted by Chris Wagg.

Created Date: 05/08/2002  Last Reviewed: 05/08/2002  Rev. Date: