One of the most useful features in Access 2000 and 2002 is the Print

Relationships feature, which lets you generate a report that depicts your table relationships. This report can come in handy when you're developing a project and especially when your client wants to see a "picture" of how company information is being stored.

Before Access 2000, if you wanted to generate such a report about your Access 97 relationships, you either had to create the documentation yourself, or you had to obtain and install an add-in product to do the job for you. Fortunately, if you're still using and supporting Access 97 databases, you no longer have to rely on manual solutions or add-in products to get a report about your table relationships. All you need is a copy of the Access 97 file and Access 2000 or 2002.

Start by converting the Access 97 database to Access 2000 or 2002.

Unless you're going to permanently move the application to the newer version, be sure to rename the database when you convert it. That way, your original Access 97 file remains intact. Open the project in Access 2000 or 2002 and find the Relationships window you want to print. Go to File | Print Relationships. Access will create a report named Relationships For [Your Table]. You can print a copy from the new window, and you can also save the new report for future reference.



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