May_June 2008               


            May and June are going to be consolidated as we really didn’t do much.  We are still in Richmond.  Dick finished his therapy and Doctor Hoover is pleased with his progress, but wants to see him again in July, so we will stay until then.  We need to get going by the middle of July, as our jobs at Dollywood begin on August 1. 

            We are walking about 2 miles every day now and Dick’s knee is getting stronger.  Millie is losing weight and keeping her sugar under control.

            On May 3, Millie, Mary and Evelyn went to Huntsville, TX to the “Airing of the Quilts”.  In pioneer times, quilts are hung outside in the spring to “air”.  The Tall Pines Quilt Guild has used this format for the show that surrounds the historic square in town.  More than 300 quilts were displayed on the courthouse lawn, streets and sidewalks of the square.  Antique quilts were displayed in shop windows and a large exhibit was hung inside the historic theater.  The sisters had a great time looking at the quilts. Checking out the vendor booths and having lunch together. 

            Millie made a quilt for our first great-grandbaby that is due in August.  We are looking forward to this little one being born.  It is exciting to be great-grandparents!  The ultrasound indicates the baby will be a girl.  The quilt is My Bazoople Friends, a kit from Fons and Porter. 

            Sorry, not much more going on.  We are looking forward to hitting the highway again.  

            July will find us on the way to Tennessee by way of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.  See you then.


(Lots of new photos in the gallery, take a look.  We couldn't link to all of them.)