January 2008               


            2008 has arrived.  We didn’t do anything special for the day.  We watched the Rose Bowl Parade and just stayed around the RV.  We aren’t much in the way of party people.  In April we will begin our 5th year as full timers.  It hardly seems possible.

            Dick had a couple of cavities and the Orthopedist wanted them taken care of before his knee surgery so had that taken care of.  Then, Millie started having problems with one of her teeth and was referred to an Endodontic specialist who started a root canal.  She will have one more visit and it will be taken care of. 

            Our friends and fellow Traveling Supremes members, Les and Ida Cook were here for a few days and we met one day for lunch in Richmond.  There is a great little place on the main street that serves such good lunches.  The name of the place is Sandy McGee’s and if you are in the area, come by for some good food.  

            Following lunch, we walked along the street, with Millie and Ida browsing some of the shops there.  It is always good to spend time with the Cooks. 

            We have applied for volunteer positions in Spearfish, SD and have been accepted.  We will be working at D. C. Booth National Historic Fish Hatchery.  It sounds like it will be an interesting place to work.  We will be there for May and June.  We also are considering working at Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, TN for the fall months.  We love the Smokey Mountains and wouldn’t mind spending time there.

            Our friend, Phyllis Davis Heaton was in Houston for a few days, while her husband Dave who was attending a seminar.  Millie drove to the area near the airport and visited with Phyllis.  The ladies went to Red Lobster for lunch and had a great time catching up.  Phyllis and Dave live in Whitewood, SD, only 15 miles from Spearfish, so we will get lots of visiting in while we are there working.  Millie and Phyllis are already planning a quilt making day. 

            Dick will need to have releases from his Primary Care Physician and Cardiologist to have the knee surgery,  so we made those appointments.  We needed to go back to Livingston to see our Dr. for follow-ups  anyway, so it was no big problem.

            We drove to Taylor, TX one day for a visit with our former co-workers and now friends, Dub and Patty Urton, who are spending the winter as Park Attendants at Granger Lake.   Dub and Patty have purchased a new 5th wheel and it is beautiful.  Their home in Missouri has sold and they are now officially full timers and Texans.  We enjoyed spending some time with them.  They treated us to lunch at a nearby restaurant and we spent the afternoon visiting.  They will be returning to Ruark Bluff East as Park Attendants in April.   

              We spent some time visiting with the Diamonds and our family members.  On the 21st we went to Katy and picked up Richard and Diana, taking them to dinner in celebration of Richard’s 50th birthday.  (Oh no, we can’t possibly have a 50 year old child!) 

            Missy and Ming were due for their annual check ups.  We knew that Missy had lost some weight, but were shocked to learn that it was 3# in the last year.  For a kitty, that is a lot.  A CAT scan was done on her abdomen as the vet thought he felt a problem.  He was thinking a possibility of cancer.   We were very relieved when the diagnosis was more favorable.  She likely has inflammatory bowel disease.  She was given a vitamin B shot and some meds to take.   Since we are going to be here for a while, it will be easy for her to receive follow-up care. 

            In December another TS rig pulled by a Freightliner arrived here in the park and parked in the row right behind us.  Millie finally got over to say hello and see if they were folks we had met some other time.  These were new folks and Millie enjoyed getting to know Kay.  They are from the Oklahoma City area, with a daughter in this area that they are here to visit.  Millie gave Kay information on the Travel Supreme Club and the Freightliner Club.   

            Millie cut out a quilt she had planned and also started a piece of Hardanger.  She is still working on preemie hats and booties also.  Dick has spent some time at Dualco.  Not much else going on in our world right now. 


Next month- knee surgery and the road to recovery.