April 2008               


This month started off with a bang, literally!  Millie picked up Ann to take her shopping and as they were leaving the apartment complex, a lady backed into the side of the car.  Fortunately she had insurance and the damage did not render the car inoperable, so after exchanging information, etc; the ladies got the shopping done.   

The next day, we took the car the repair facility and picked up a rental.  We drove to Brenham, TX to view the beautiful Bluebonnets that Texas is famous for.  It was a great day for a drive through the country. 

We had lunch at Chili’s, and afterwards we toured the Blue Bell Creamery.    Blue Bell has been making ice cream since 1911 and most Texans consider it the best ice cream out there.  In fact, one time while on vacation, Dick announced that we needed to go home as we were out of Blue Bell. 

We viewed a film on the company and then toured the creamery.  We were shown the process from the receiving of the milk to the blast freezing of the product.  It was interesting to watch the ice cream sandwiches being made and packaged.  After the tour, we were treated to samples of their product. 

On the 5th we had lunch at Arby’s, and then drove to Katy, TX to attend the Folk Life Festival.  This is put on by the Katy Independent School District at their Outdoor Learning Center.  The festival centered on crafts and life in the 1890’s.  We enjoyed walking through the buildings and displays, watching folks play music, do quilting, chuck wagon cooking, husking and shelling corn and many other skills

A demonstration of dancing was presented by a group of young people from the Alabama-Coushatta Reservation near Livingston, TX.  We enjoyed learning the history of the dances and watching the young folks perform.

The next few days were pretty routine.  Dick washed and waxed the truck and Millie worked on her Traveling Threads newsletter. She also worked the Sunday crossword puzzle. 

On the 9th Millie spent the morning taking a Glucose Tolerance Test which her Dr. had requested.  She also did some knitting. 

The 15th was our 51st Anniversary.  We took Missy to the vet to have her hair cut.  She has some tangles that we have not been able to comb out, so she is going to get a lion cut.  This should be interesting!  She will spend the day, as she will have to be sedated to relieve the stress.  

After picking Missy up (she looks kinda cute), we had dinner at The Outback and spent the remainder of the evening watching TV.

Dick had an appointment for his pre-op on the 17th.  Now hopefully we will be able to get his knee surgery done and get back on the road.

Millie had an appointment on the 18th in Livingston with her doctor.  The results of her Glucose Tolerance Test indicated that she is diabetic.  This disease runs in her family, so she was not too surprised. She was given a testing meter and supplies and shown how to use them.  She was also placed on a weight reduction diet. 

On the 21st Dick had his knee surgery.  He did real well and was in his room ordering dinner by 5:00.  Evelyn stopped by to keep Millie company.  Millie stayed at the hospital until about 9:30 PM.

On the 22nd Dick began his Physical Therapy.  He got up and sat in the chair for a while, and in the afternoon he walked around the hall some.  Millie stayed at the hospital until the evening, then stopped for some groceries before going home.  Jack and Ruth stopped by to inquire about Dick.

On the 23, Millie was up early and at the hospital so she would be present when the Dr. made his rounds.  We were shown how to take care of Dick’s knee and then he was released.  We were home by 10:15 AM!  Dick was glad to be home. 

We had the first appointment at Physical Therapy on the 25th.  We met with a Therapist who outlined Dick’s program.  He then went through a session.  He was also given a sheet of exercises to follow at home.  Afterwards we stopped and got gas at Wal-Mart ($3.49/Gallon), picked up a few groceries and Dick got several pairs of shorts.  He has not worn shorts since he was a child but we felt they would be more comfortable for his therapy sessions.  He was tired when we got home but did well walking in the store. 

For dinner, Millie went to Schultz’s and picked up plates to bring home.

            The remainder of the month was spent doing routine things and going to Dick’s therapy sessions.  He is doing really well. 


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