March 2007               


            March came in like a lamb and the warm weather was great.  Ann, Mary and Millie decided it was time for a girl’s day out.  Mary drove them to Lake Jackson for the Plantation Quilting Guild’s 2007 Quilt Festival. 

            This show was very surprising to us. Over 100 quilts were on display.  The first one inside the door was very striking and we enjoyed looking at them all.  A special section was set up as a memorial to members of the guild who had died.  There were also vendor booths and a tea room.  It was a great show and well worth the drive to visit.

            A very special quilt recognizing Armed Forces personnel from the area was on display.  It was crafted by Guild members with the names embroidered on the blocks.  It was very beautiful and moving.

            The day was sunny and before going to the show, the ladies had lunch at the Red Lobster. 

            On the way down to Lake Jackson, we noticed some planes flying very low at the tiny local airport.  We thought they were probably practicing take off and landings.  Then, on the way back to Richmond, we saw several of them flying in formation and performing maneuvers.  Well, being the curious ones, we decided to drive over to the airport and see what was going on!  We arrived just as several of the planes landed.  The event was over, but apparently it was a show with vintage aircraft.  We were wishing we had known earlier, it would have been interesting.

            Along the highway was also a large statue of Stephen F. Austin, one of the founders of the State of Texas.  A sign nearby indicated that a museum would be opening at the site.  The statue was impressive.

            We were sitting in the trailer one evening when a Travel Supreme Motor Home passed by on the way back in the park.  Dick commented that it looked a lot like Les and Ida Cook’s rig.  Well soon there was a knock on the door and it was the Cook’s.  They were in Houston to visit family and attend the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.  It was good to see them and we were able to have a brief visit.  Ida is our Wagonmaster for our Traveling Supremes Chapter. 

            We attended the Mule and Donkey Show at the Rodeo on the 10th.  We have attended this show for a number of years and this was our first time to go since we became fulltimers.  We have always enjoyed the Coon Mule Jumping and the Mule Pulls.  This year, however, the show was disappointing.  The jumping consisted only a few mules and the pulling team numbers were also way down.  Several of the teams who had come from Kentucky and Tennessee were no longer there. 

            We walked around and looked at the many vendor booths and Dick was able to find him a couple of new leather belts.  He lost so much weight this winter that Millie was beginning to think she was going to have to tie his pants up with clothesline.

            The rest of the month was spent finishing up all the things Ann needed done around her apartment, getting our slide topper replaced at Camping World and reorganizing our storage area. 

            A friend of Mary’s, Rosemary Hemphill, came to spend some time with Mary.  One day the three ladies spent the day together.  They started off with lunch at Sandy Magee’s, a great spot in Richmond to eat.  After enjoying their lunch and visiting, they drove the couple of blocks to The Stitchery.  They had a great afternoon browsing the shop, buying threads and patterns.  Rosemary is also a cross stitcher and she and Millie had a great time talking needlework.  It was good to meet Rosemary after hearing about her for many years. 

            The end of the month, Mary and Frank took Ann, Dick and Millie to Texas Roadhouse for dinner in celebration of Dick and Millie’s 50th Anniversary, which will occur in April. 

            The 31st was our last day in Richmond.  We will be heading for Louisiana for two weeks and on to Missouri after that.  See you down the road!