January 2007               

            New Yearís Day we returned to Richmond from Smith Point.  We will be here until the 1st of April as Dick needs some medical tests. 

            The weather has turned cold and rainy.  Typical winter weather for this area.  However, we had one storm that brought freezing rain.  When we went to bed that evening, we were beginning to get some ice on our window awning.  When we got up the next morning, we had icicles hanging from our awnings, the truck, fence wires and trees.  This kind of weather causes havoc here, but we didnít have to go anywhere, so we just hung out and enjoyed the day.  By afternoon it had all melted.

            Dick had an appointment to see a doctor at the Medical Center in Houston.  As the area there is quite crowded and parking is limited mostly to garages, we decided we would give the Metro Light Rail a try.  We parked at the commuter lot and boarded the train.  As we were unsure where the building was located that we needed, we got off at the station we thought was the right one.  Not!  We had to walk about seven blocks to get to the correct building.  Of course, there is a station for the train right in front of the building! 

            After a consultation with the doctor, we made an appointment for Dick to have a colonoscopy in February.  We then walked across the street to the train stop and rode back to where the truck was parked.  It was really a pleasant and economical way to get to the medical center and we will certainly be using it again.  Houston has been sadly behind in public transportation and we hope this form is expanded.  It sure beats sitting in the traffic.

            Millie has still been helping Ann getting sorted through the things she moved and making decisions as to what to keep and what to donate.  When Dick goes to Dualco to work, Millie spends the day at Annís. 

            On the 21st, Mary and Frank celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary with a renewal of vows and reception at their home.  It was a lovely event.  Their neighbor, Raymond Vela, made the cakes and they were not only beautiful, but very tasty.  A renewal of vows took place in front of the fireplace and was very moving.  Most of the family attended and we had an enjoyable afternoon visiting and eating the tasty food. 

            Following the afternoon, we came home and Millie changed into some more casual clothes.  It was also our oldest sonís birthday and we were taking him out for dinner.  Richard chose The Swinging Door to go to for dinner.  This award winning BBQ restaurant is one of our favorites. 

            We picked Richard up at his home in Wallis and we enjoyed a drive through the country to the restaurant.  We enjoyed the good food and visiting.  Afterwards we dropped Richard off at home and came back to our rig.  It had been a busy day but we had a good time.

            Millie visited her former place of employment one day and had lunch with the folks there.  It was good to see everyone and get caught up on happenings around there.  She also went to her favorite needlework shop here and made a few purchases.  Creative Stitchery was having a sale so it was a good time to visit.  She also composed the newsletter for the Traveling Threads and got it in the mail.

            With the lousy weather, we really didnít do much this month.  We are hoping the weather will improve next month.  See you then.