February 2007               


            On the 5th, we reported to the Medical Center for Dickís scheduled colonoscopy.  We were told to arrive by 10 and his procedure was scheduled for 11.  Of course, they were running behind so it was around 12 before that happened.  After spending the required one hour in observation, we were able to leave.  A train was at the stop when we got there, so we didnít have to wait.  On the way home, we stopped for a late lunch (early dinner?).  The results of the test were no negative findings so we were relieved to know that. 

            On the 7th we were up early and arrived at Annís shortly after 9.  Her new bed was being delivered and we had to get the old one knocked down and out of the room.  Mary and Frank came later, with a rental truck, to take the old bed.  The crew delivered the new bed and quickly set it up.  Afterwards, Millie and Mary got it made up and the bedroom rearranged. 

            After helping load the old bed into the rental truck, Millie, Ann and Dick went to the Hickory Barn for lunch.  The afternoon was spent getting pictures hung in Annís bedroom, sorting through several boxes and filling a box for donations.  Before leaving for home, Millie also ran the vacuum cleaner for Ann.

            On the 8th we went to Reliant Center in Houston for the Houston area RV show.  We were going to catch the train, but Dick decided to go past the facility before going on to the commuter lot, just to see what the parking fees were for the show.  The sign at the gate said $8 and he decided we would just park at the facility.  Well, when we got to the gate, we were charged $16 for parking!  Dick questioned it and was told it was because our truck was so big.  No matter that it will fit in a standard parking space!  Well, if we were going to be charged to 2 spaces, Millie said we darned sure were going to use two.

            We spent the afternoon browsing the many RVís on display.  We did find a Fleetwood 40E motorhome that we liked.  The price was attractive and we decided that we would consider purchasing it.  The color scheme was not exactly what Millie would have chosen, but was something we could live with.  After coming home and considering it, however, we decided against making a change at this time. 

            Saturday evening we went over to Mary and Frankís to pick up our mail.  Then the four of us went to Chiliís for something to eat and a good time visiting.