August 2007               


            It is hot here in the Ozarks!  Temps are reaching the high 90ís, low 100ís so we are not doing a lot other than hang out in the A/C.  We have been wishing for an end to the rain and we got it; however, now we have the heat.  Be careful what you wish for!

            Millie has been doing some sewing.  She is making several quilted table runners for the craft sale at the Travel Supreme Rally in Indiana.  She has also knitted some scarves and some sets of coasters. 

            A neat Halloween table topper is Millieís first try at free motion quilting.  She took a class last year in Lewisville, TX on the technique, but just hasnít had the confidence to try it before now.   It turned out pretty good, huh? 

            We still have a lot of our sites under water and we understand they are shooting for Labor Day weekend to get them all back in service.  We have a lot of reservations for that weekend and hope we donít have to disappoint a lot of folks.  Especially with it being the last big weekend of the summer.

            Does it seem to you that summers are getting shorter?  School has started (whatever happened to school being after Labor Day to right before Memorial Day?) so our traffic during the week has slowed down.  Some of the schools in the area donít have A/C, so they are going for shorter days.  It is hard to realize that we will be leaving here soon.  Time has really flown by.

            We both came down with a respiratory infection and were miserable for about a week.  Millie came down with it first and then within a week, Dick was sick.  He felt so bad we ended up going to Springfield to the walk-in clinic.  They gave him some meds and told him to come back if he didnít get better.  I suspect we had bad colds, but it has been so long since we have had colds that we didnít remember what they were like.

            Well, not much going on this month.  It is really too hot to be outside. 


Next month we finish up our time at Ruark Bluff and hit the highway again. 


(Lots of new photos in the gallery, take a look.  We couldn't link to all of them.)