November 2006               


            We spent most of this month just visiting with Robert and Lacey.  We had dinner together one evening at The Texas Roadhouse and one evening we ate at the Black-eyed Pea. 

            Robert had purchased a big screen TV and it arrived while we were there.  We enjoyed several evenings of watching movies. 

            We contacted Travel Supreme friends, Les and Ida Cook who live in McKinney.  We usually visit with them when we are in the area, however this time they were busy traveling and we were unable to get together.  We will see them the end of December at our Traveling Supremes rally. 

            We did manage to hook up with our long time friend, Becky Callaway.  She also lives in McKinney.  Since our visit last year she has remarried and we met the new man in her life, Sam Hardesty.  They had recently moved into a beautiful new town home and Becky gave Millie the full tour before we headed out to Chiliís for dinner.  Afterwards the four of us wandered around the new Target store in the same area. 

            We did get our Christmas shopping nearly completed.  A few things will have to wait until we get to Houston.  One day we drove over to Grapevine in search of a Charming Tails dealer.  It was a fruitless trip but it was a nice day weather-wise so we didnít mind being out.

            We made a trip to Camping World one day.  As always, we bought more than was on our list, it seems like we can always find something extra we want whenever we go to one of their stores. 

            The truck was needing new tires on the front and after pricing at several places, Dick had them ordered at the Goodyear store in Denton.  We also had our annual vehicle inspection done.  We thought the truck was all taken care of Ė but--- one Saturday Dick made a trip to Wal-Mart and when he came out, the truck refused to start.  Another Freightliner came into the lot and Dick asked him for a jump, thinking it was the battery.  It still wouldnít start so of course that required a tow truck and a trip to the Freightliner service in Dallas.  The service center was unable to look at the truck until Monday so Dick rented a car and came back to the park. 

            It was determined that a new starter was needed and the repairs were made.  It seems like these little gremlins want to gang up on you all at once.  We were able to pick up the truck on Tuesday.

            As the weather was cooperative, we decided to wash and wax the trailer.  We got the trailer all washed and the front and back caps waxed.  Dick got the top half of one side waxed and we called it a day.  As it has been extremely dry in the area, they have had a problem with aphid infestations.  The aphids were heavy in the trees and excreted a sugary substance that got on everything!  Of course, the park has a lot of trees and we got a lot of sticky on our vehicles.  We gave up on trying to finish the trailer as we had to wash it every time before we could start waxing again.  It will have to wait until we get to Houston. 

            In the early fall, Millie checked the website for Quilt Country in Lewisville to see if they had anything on their class schedule while we were in the area  that might interest her.  They had an all day class on machine quilting on your home sewing machine that she signed up for. She enjoyed the class and the nice ladies in attendance.  Of course, the free motion technique is going to take some more practice! 

            Robert arranged for Amanda to come up from Corpus Christi for a few days.   It was so good to see her.  We havenít seen her since her graduation last year.  We enjoyed visiting with her. She works in retail so had to go back before Thanksgiving so she could work for the big shopping day afterwards.

            No one wanted to cook and clean up so the four of us went to Cracker Barrel for Thanksgiving dinner.  The food is good and they always have an extra good dinner that day. 

            On the 25th we hitched up and made our way down I-45 to Houston.  We checked in at Shiloh RV Park and got set up.  We are back in our old hometown again.

            We had Doctor and Dental appointments set up and will be busy helping Ann with her new apartment.  She still needs pictures hung and things sorted through.  It will be a busy month of December.   See you next time.