May 2006               

            We have been busy helping Ann.  Millie and Ann have been cleaning and organizing the sewing room.  After clearing everything from the room, with help from Dick, Millie shampooed the carpet.  Then the process of sorting and putting things away began.  We had quite a large pile of things for a garage sale that Evelyn will be doing.

            After we rearranged our furnishings in the 5th wheel, we decided that 4 dining chairs take up too much room.  While we are here, we took two of the chairs to our storage unit and purchased 2 nice folding chairs that can be placed in the closet and taken out when we need them. 

            One morning we had a knock on the door and there was Ida Cook.  She and Les had just pulled into the park and were a few spaces up.  They will be here for several days before heading to Rayford Crossing RV Resort.  Ida is the Wagonmaster for our Travel Supreme Owners Club local chapter and they were preparing for a new members rally.  We had not signed up for the rally, but Ida checked and there was room for us, so we decided to go and take Ann with us.

            We left Richmond on Thursday morning and after an hour and a half drive, we arrived at the Resort.  We were assigned a space and got set up.  It was great to see several folks we knew.  The purpose of this rally was to invite folks who owned TS units and were not members to come and see how much fun we have and possibly join our club.  We had 11 prospective member units attend and most of them joined by the time the weekend was over.

            Ann had a good time meeting folks.  We also had 3 dinners with the group.  Each person had a place card and each night we were seated at a different table, members with guests at each table, that way we got acquainted with different folks every night. 

            The first night we had a great vegetable soup with salad and desert.  The soup was made by Chris Fisher, wife of our President, Gene.

            Friday night was pot luck and we had some really great food. Some of the guys grilled chicken (really yummy) supplied by Lou Butaud and the rest of us filled in the menu.   Millie made a lemon ice box pie and baked beans. 

            Saturday night brisket was prepared and we filled in the menu with pot luck.  Millie made scalloped potatoes and macaroni with cheese.  Do you get the feeling we eat a lot at rallies?

            Ann got to meet several of the folks she had heard us talk about and had a good time at her first RV rally.

            Mary called on a Friday morning and invited us to attend an Astro’s baseball game that night.  She and Frank picked us up and we had a great evening at the ball park.  A cool front had come through that day and the weather was so nice, the roof of the park was kept open.  In fact, it even got a little cool sitting there and Mary and Millie both were wishing they had brought sweaters.

            On Mother’s Day we attended church.  When we got home, Evelyn called and invited Millie to meet her, Ann and Mary for lunch.  We went to a Chinese place here in town.  It was a great lunch and we had a good time catching up and looking at the photos from Evelyn’s recent Caribbean cruise.

            In the evening, we took Ann to dinner, along with Mary and Frank.  We had a delicious meal and then came back to Mary’s for cake and ice cream and to visit.  We were ready for bed when we got home.

            Millie got Ann’s living room, dining room and bedroom carpets shampooed.  Dick helped move the furniture and get it all back when the carpet was dry.  Ann was so happy to have it done. 

            Millie took Ann to look at some independent living apartments and it looks like Ann has made the decision to sell her home and move.  This would be a good place for her and she would have friends and activities to keep her busy.

            Last year Mary joined a Quilt Round Robin League.  The league is comprised of groups, 4 to 6 members each.  Each member composes a center medallion (large block) for a quilt.  Then at set times, the quilt is passed to another member of the group, who adds a border, then it is passed on to the next member.  Each member of the group adds a border to the quilt, doing what she chooses as an interpretation of the center.   Once she completes her center and passes it on, the member does not see her quilt again until it has all the borders. 

            Mary invited Millie to go with her to the “reveal” of her group, the M & M’s.  After a wonderful dinner of Pork loin, a vegetable dish, salad and cheesecake (prepared by the ladies), the reveal began.

            The theme of Brenda’s quilt was “Jamie’s Horse”.   On this quilt Mary did the final border, which is a braided border. 

            Denise’s quilt was “Ginkgo Garden”.  Mary did the border with the fans on this one.  The colors on this quilt were striking.

            Donna’s quilt was “Which Way Are We Going?”  The Mariner’s compass is the center medallion and Mary did the sailboat border and on the top is one boat going the opposite direction from the others.   

            Mary’s quilt was the last one revealed.  Her center medallion is the Mabry Mill, located on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia.  The border of maple leaves was done by Denise, who purchased the fabrics while on a trip to VA.  The outer border was done by Brenda, who used the Indian corn stalks as the theme. 

            The corn was such a surprise; it was done as a reminder that corn was ground at the mill.  However, for Mary and Millie, it also has another meaning, as they are descendents of the Shawnee Chief Cornstalk.  What made it such a surprise is that the members of the group knew nothing of this connection.  Wow! 

            The first border around this quilt was done by Donna.  The blue section gives it the appearance of a stained glass window.  This quilt is just outstanding and everyone in the family wants it. 

            It was fun watching the faces of each of the ladies as they saw their quilts for the first time after the borders were added.   Great work, M & M’s!!



            Take care and we will see you again next month. 


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