November 2005               


We spent the month catching up with friends, family and some chores.  It was great to spend time with Robert and Lacey.  Lacey is a very busy young lady, working full time and going to school at night.  We did get to spend some time together tho.

            First we caught up on all our chores, getting the house cleaned and the laundry done.  We also had Robert and Lacey over for dinner one Sunday. 

            We had 2 tires on the trailer that were wearing and Dick wanted to replace them.  Robert came up one Saturday to help.  He brought his big jacks, which made it easy to get the tires off.  He and Dick took the tires down to Discount Tire where we had originally purchased them 2 years ago.  They were back in short order.  The price was more than double what we had paid for them to begin with and Dick thought it was a little high.  So….we left the trailer jacked up.  (Shades of the Beverly Hillbillies!)

            On Monday we took the tires to the Goodyear dealer and they were ordered at a much more reasonable price.

            When the guys took the tires off, Dick noticed that some of the lug nuts were rusty so he decided this would be a good time to replace them.  We checked with Camping World but they do not carry them so Dick went to a nearby RV dealership to see if they carried the size we needed.  Not in stock, but they could be ordered and would take a week to arrive.  So….we left the trailer jacked up.

            The new lug nuts finally arrived and Dick began to replace the tires.  He was having trouble getting one on and hurt his arm so he asked Millie for some help.  While he pushed the tire on, she would put on the lug nuts.  Not!  No matter how much she tried, the nuts would not go on.  They were the wrong size. 

            Dick took them back to the RV dealer who then directed him to a truck accessory store in Denton.  We ran up there and picked up the correct sized nuts.  It sure would have been easier if he had been given that information the first time!

            We phoned TS friends Les and Ida Cook and made a date to get together with them.  They came by the park and we visited for a while, and then went to the Cracker Barrel for dinner and more visiting.  It is always good to see them and we will get to visit with them again the end of December at the Traveling Supremes New Year’s Rally.  Ida is the new Wagonmaster for our club.

            We also spent a Sunday afternoon visiting with our good friend, Becky Callaway.  We have been friends for many years and enjoy seeing her.

            Millie has been busy knitting baby caps for the Escapees and when Lacey saw them she said she would like to learn to knit.  She had gone to the store and purchased yarn, needles and a how to book.  She and Millie spent one evening working together and she has been practicing.  Hopefully she will become an accomplished knitter.   

            Thanksgiving Day we decided not to cook.  Lacey has taken a part time job over the holidays, in addition to her regular job and Robert said leftovers from a big meal would just go to waste.  We went to the Cracker Barrel and had their turkey dinner which was really good and we had no dishes to wash. 

            On the 29th we packed up and headed south.  It was a beautiful sunny day and the drive down I-45 was uneventful.  We stopped at a truck wash and had the rig washed and stopped at Flying J for fuel.  We arrived at Shiloh RV Park in Richmond around 5 PM and found us a space and got set up.  After having dinner we stopped by to visit with Ann for a while before heading home and into bed.

            We had dentist appointments on Tuesday so we were up early and over to see Dr. Thetford and her staff by 8:00.  We have to come back as Dick had broken his partial a couple of months ago and it has to be repaired.  Millie also has to have a filling replaced.

            We don’t have any pictures this month.  Really didn’t do any touristy things. 


(Lots of new photos in the gallery, take a look.  We couldn't link to all of them.)