December 2005               


            We spent the first few days of the month running to Dr. appointments, etc.  It seems like each one is requiring a follow-up visit so we are going to spend plenty of time in waiting rooms.  Millie will get plenty of knitting done!

            Millie got busy and did the inside of all the windows and polished some of the cabinets with wood polish.  Then we were ready to go to storage and pick up our Christmas decorations.  Dick is doing some work for Dualco this month while we are here so while he was gone, she got the tree decorated.  Dick helped her get the Lemax village set up and the garlands on the slides.  He also set up the outside dťcor. 

            After getting our decorating done, we did Annís.  Dick brought in all her containers from her shed and while he was at Dualco working, Millie and Ann got Annís decorating done.  Now it looks like Christmas.

            Ann had an appointment with her Dr. for a check up and to get the results of tests she had run on her carotid arteries.  She called Millie, quite upset and said she needed to see a cardiovascular specialist right away.  We called the one that her Dr. recommended and could not get her an appointment until the 20th.  We decided to call the one that Dick has been seeing and was able to get her an appointment in just a couple of days. 

            Dr. Miller recommended that Ann have an angioplasty done the following Monday, so Millie and her sisters spent that day at the hospital.  All turned out well, even though it was a long day.  When Ann was released that evening, she went to Maryís to spend the night. 

            We finished up our shopping for Christmas and Millie knitted some scarves for the granddaughters. We made the calendars for everyone, using some of our photographs from the past year of travels.   Millie got everything wrapped and we were pretty much ready for Christmas. 

            Ann was not feeling so great so she spent the week before Christmas at Maryís.  She also spent one night with us.  Christmas Eve day, Millie picked her up and took her home where Millie got things all set up for the annual family get together that night. 

            Millieís sister, Evelyn, and her family arrived early that evening to stay with Ann while we attended the Christmas Eve Service at our church.  What a different evening from last year!  It was warm where last year we actually had snow. 

            After church we went back to Annís and had a great evening visiting with family.  Our daughter, Debbie, and her family had come in from New Orleans where they are working in clean up of the city.  Our niece, Christine, was in from Oklahoma City with her children, Christopher and Kirstin.    It was really great to see all the family and spend time with them.  Of course, we had lots of good food to enjoy too. 

            Christmas day we spent a quiet morning, then went to Mary and Frankís for dinner.  We were joined by Ann and our oldest son, Richard.  It was a good meal and we had a quiet afternoon visiting.  Niece Darina and her two children, Ana and Alex stopped by for a short visit. 

            Richard came down to the park the day after Christmas and we had a good visit.  We went to dinner at one of our favorite steak places. 

            On Tuesday after Christmas, Millie, Mary and Ann went to see Dr. Miller for a follow-up from Annís earlier procedure.  Ann is doing well and they have decided to change some of her meds and see how she does.  Mary dropped Millie off at the park and headed home with Ann.  Ann had been at Maryís since Christmas and when they got to her house, it had been burglarized!  Only some costume jewelry was missing but they had messed up the back door really bad and of course, made a mess in the house rummaging around. 

            Fortunately a neighbor had seen them (this occurred while we were at the Dr.ís) and was able to give a good description to the police.  However, this frightened Ann and she was unable to stay at home.  Mary gathered her up some things and took her back home with her.

            As Ann no longer felt safe in her own home, she spent some time with Mary while we decided what would be the best course of action to take for her well being.  We decided to install an alarm system for her.  We had a meeting with a representative and made arrangements to get the system installed as soon as the damaged door is replaced.

            Dick spent a week at Dualco, working until nearly 6 every day.  They will be moving into their new facility and he is getting the computer system working for them.  Fortunately it is only for a short time that he is working like this.  He really is retired!

            After all that excitement, we were ready for a little R & R.  We packed up on the 29th and headed north to Spring, TX for our Traveling Supremes New Yearís Rally. 

            The rally site was at a new RV resort, Rayford Crossing.  This is a great park.  We had a concrete parking pad and patio.  The sites were nice sized and very clean. 

            The Rally was great fun.  We visited with folks we hadnít seen for a while and ones such as Les and Ida that we had seen not long before.  We had a great spaghetti dinner cooked by Burnel and Marie Moreau.  Following the dinner we visited and had some karaoke entertainment. 

            We went shopping one day and had a great BBQ lunch at Lutherís.  We also went to Jasonís Deli one evening for dinner.  It was good to have some time just relaxing.  The past month has been really busy.

            New Yearís Eve we all gathered in the community room for a brief membership update and introduction of the new officers.  Then the fun began.  Everyone brought treats to share and we had plenty of goodies to eat.  Then we had some great entertainment, a song by a quartet of ladies and a visit from Father Time who regaled us with a poem.

            The remainder of the evening was spent with a Chinese gift exchange.  Rather than everyone bringing a gift, three of the officers had done all the shopping and wrapping.  It was much fun with some gifts really making the rounds.  We particularly liked one of the folding coolers and although it left our hands fairly fast, by the end of the evening Dick had managed to snag it back.  We sang in the New Year and then cleaned up and headed back to our rigs. 

            It is hard to believe another year has gone.  We hope that each of you have a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2006.  See you then.


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