November 2004               

           On our way to Denton, in McKinney, TX we were stopped at a traffic light when fellow TS owners Les and Ida Cook pulled up beside us.  Imagine our surprise!  We had been talking about them just the day before and since we knew they lived in that area, we had planned to call them and get together while we are in Denton.  We said hello real fast and Millie promised to call Ida and set up a date to visit.

            We arrived at Destiny Dallas Resort and got into our space.  As we had an appointment the following morning at Camping World, we didnít unhook. 

            We were up early and at Camping World in time for our 8:00 appointment.  We needed to replace the slide topper on our big slide.  We also wanted the sensor checked on our One Step Awning.  

            While our rig was being worked on, we shopped in the store and visited with a couple in the customer lounge. 

            Our technician finally came in and told us the wrong size slide topper had been ordered.  They would put the old one back on and reorder a new one in the correct size. Of course, we would have to come back to have it installed. 

            We got back to the resort and got ourselves set up.  Dick got the TV satellite out and set up.  We couldnít get all the channels.  We only have a small window through the trees and with the dish on the roof it is too high and it is too low with the Bulls-eye mount on the ground.  Several units around us have tripods that are really nice and Dick has decided that is what we need.  He had looked at them at Camping World, but felt theirs were too lightweight. 

            Millie got on the internet and found a tripod that Dick liked.  We got it ordered and hope to have it next week.  We will just limp along with what we have until then.

Afterwards we went to Denton and had a good Texas BBQ dinner.  Something we have been missing for months.

            On Wednesday evening we met Robert and Lacey at Chiliís for dinner.  Then we all went to Robertís for a nice evening of catching up. 

            Dick took the truck to Freightliner in Dallas and had the oil changed.  We also needed a vehicle inspection but found out that Freightliner didnít do this.  Dick had to go to Denton to get it done.

            Saturday Robert came up to the resort to help Dick install a swivel mount on the living room TV.  Now we can see it from all over the room.  They also did some computer stuff.

            On Sunday, after reading the newspaper, we loaded up Millieís sewing machine and the new quilts and went to Robertís.  Millie wanted to get the binding on the quilts and needed a large table to work on.  While she got the binding on Robert and Dick watched football.  

            Tuesday Dick washed the rig while Millie got the laundry done. Everything is caught up now.  We were tired so we had dinner out, and then came home to watch TV.

            Millie fixed a ham on Wednesday and Robert and Lacey came for dinner.  We enjoyed having them for the evening.  After dinner we watched Shrek 2 and visited. 

            Millie went to get a cut and perm on Thursday and later in the afternoon we took our video camera to Best Buy in Denton to have it repaired.  It has been giving us an error message and is not useable. 

            After dropping the camera off, we stopped at the BBQ place for dinner.  It is getting colder here and windy.  Looks like winter is on the way.  We turned the heat on this evening.

            Saturday we had to unhook everything and get ourselves up to Camping World again.  This time the correct slide topper was in and was installed.  Then we had to come back to the park and get everything set back up.  Such a pain!

            Robert called and said our mail was in so after dinner we went over.  We watched a couple of movies and then said goodnight. 

            Our fellow Travel Supremers, Les and Ida Cook came over on Sunday afternoon to visit.  It was so good to see them after nearly a year.  We visited for a while and then all went out to eat.  We had a nice meal and visited some more. 

            Les and Ida had to get home and get their birds inside before dark so we said our goodbyes with promises to get together again before we leave for Houston. 

            We got up Monday morning and decided to get our Christmas shopping done.  We went to Vista Ridge Mall and Wal-Mart.  Itís all done.  All we need to do now is get it wrapped and delivered.  Yea! 

            Monday evening Millie went down to the Rec Hall to craft night.  She took her quilts with her for show and sharing.  Most of the ladies were working on quilts.  Millie worked on the binding for her Maine quilt.   The Christmas quilt is finished.  (Photos next month when it is on the bed.)

            It was still rainy and cool on Tuesday.  We went to Wal-Mart to get a prescription filled and Millie went to Hobby Lobby to pick up some craft items. After dinner we went to Robertís. 

            The remainder of the week was pretty much run of the mill.  On Thursday we went to the Grapevine Mills Mall and had lunch and then went to the movies.  We wanted to see Polar Express.  This movie was awesome and we highly recommend it.  Later that evening we went to Robertís and took our DVD of the movie Elf.  We all enjoyed it. 

            On Friday Millie got out the sewing machines and started working on the valances to go with the Christmas quilt.   She also made some fall napkins.  

            She finished the valances on Saturday so now she is ready for holiday decorating.  The rain is still here so we didnít get out and do much besides going to Wal-Mart for a few groceries and a prescription for Dick. 

            Sunday we read the paper and watched TV.  It was raining again.  We are so ready for some sunshine.  In the evening Millie finished up the Maine quilt while watching TV.

            Monday was another rainy day.  Millie spent some time rearranging some of her sewing supplies.  Dick cleaned out some files. 

            Tuesday we got up to thunder and shortly the rain began.  We had Niagara Falls coming off of our awning and slide toppers!  It finally stopped around 11 and we hurried down to the laundry room to get the laundry done before it rained again. 

            After finishing the laundry and bringing it back home, we went to Denton to the post office and Target.  Later in the afternoon the sun came out for a bit.  It was certainly a welcome sight.   After dinner we went to Robertís for a visit.  During the night it became very windy.

            The day before Thanksgiving was cool and breezy, but the sun came out.  We made a trip to the grocery store.  In the afternoon Millie did baking. 

            Thanksgiving Day dawned sunny and clear.  It was cool, having gotten down into the 30ís overnight but it was nice to finally see the sun.   We watched the Macyís parade on TV.  Afterwards we loaded up the pies, dinner rolls, dip and deviled eggs that Millie had made and drove to Robertís.  We had a quiet afternoon, Millie worked on cross-stitch while the guys worked on Robertís new laptop computer and we watched TV. 

            We put the turkey in the oven and had dinner in the early evening.  Laceyís friend Amanda joined us and we had an enjoyable meal.  After dinner we watched the new Harry Potter movie and had pumpkin pie. 

            On Saturday we had a nice long visit with an old friend, Becky Callaway.  Becky and her late husband Ed were members of our exhibition square dance group and we became great friends.  Following Edís death, Becky moved from the Houston area to be close to her children and grand children. 

            We enjoyed an afternoon of visiting and catching up.  We especially enjoyed meeting her dog, Hawk.  Becky also prepared a wonderful dinner for us.  Dick especially is thankful for Becky who taught Millie how to make good cream gravy.

            On Tuesday, November 30 we picked up Robert and Lacey and drove to Grapevine where Robert treated us to dinner at Fuddruckers.  After dinner we found our way to the Gaylord Texan Hotel to view their holiday decorations.  We had enjoyed the ones at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel a couple of years ago and were anxious to see the ones here.  The hotel is smaller than it's Nashville counterpart and we found the decorations nice but disappointing.  


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