November 2003               

November 1 – We left Goodlettsville and headed west on I-40.  The weather was clear and it was a good day for driving.

            East of Little Rock we had another flat tire on the trailer.  We called the Road Service and they were there in about 30 minutes and got it changed.  We only have one of our original tires left now.

            We didn’t get to Little Rock until after dark and decided to spend the night in Benton at the Wal-Mart.  There were 2 other units parked where we were and it was a quiet night.

November 2 – We drove west on I-30 to Texarkana and then on to Denton, TX.  We stopped at Destiny Resort where we will stay for a month.  We will visit with Robert and Lacey and have thanksgiving with them. 

            Millie is still not feeling well so we just called Robert and said hello, grabbed a bite of dinner and had a quiet evening.

November 3 – At 5:00 this morning we decided that Millie needed to visit the ER.  After X-Rays and a breathing treatment the Doctor determined that she had viral bronchitis.  She was given an inhaler to use and steroids if she didn’t improve. 

November 4 – 6  - Millie spent most of these days in bed and Dick took care of her.  He did some laundry and kept things straightened up.

November 5 – Millie is feeling better today.  Robert was off today so we picked him up and drove to Arlington to check out the conversions at Texas Truck.  It was raining all the way and we had a somewhat hard time finding them.  We looked at their conversions and said “thank you”.  We really didn’t like them as well as the ones done by Wil-Ro. 

            Later in the evening we picked up Robert and Lacey and we all went out to dinner.  Afterwards we came back to Robert’s for a while picked up our mail and then came back home.

November 7 – We spent a quiet day at home.  Millie is feeling almost like her old self.  We had dinner at Jason’s Deli and spent a quiet evening.

November 8 – Dick picked us up a Sunday paper and we sat around this morning and read it.  Afterwards we went to the grocery store, and then did the laundry.

November 9 – 12 – We did some house cleaning and just hung out.  Millie did cross-stitching and reading, Dick puttered with his computers.

November 13 – We were up early and got everything packed up.  We have an appointment at Camping World at 9:30 to have our wind sensor on our One Step Awning checked.  It has not worked correctly since May and this is where we had it installed, so we made an appointment to have it checked. 

            We did some shopping while we waited on the sensor to be checked.  We purchased another Camping Journal, the one we have is nearly full.  They finally told us the sensor was bad and another one would have to be ordered.  So- that means another trip up here. 

            After leaving Camping World we drove to Discount Tires to get new tires and wheels installed on the trailer.  Dick had ordered them last week.  He got Load Range G tires and heavier rims put on.  We were advised that this would be better with our axel loads.

            While we were getting the tires installed, Dick had to turn the trailer around and when he did, he hit a metal pole with the back bumper, making a boo-boo.  We will have to get it repaired.  It is not really big, but still unsightly.

November 14 – Robert was off again today and he and Dick went into Dallas to find somewhere to sell the old tires and wheels taken off the trailer.  The buyer wasn’t there so they brought them back.  Robert stayed for a while and visited, then went home.  Dick and Millie went to dinner at the Black Eyed Pea, then back home for a quiet evening.

November 15 – Didn’t do much today.  We went to Robert’s late in the afternoon.  Millie took our ironing over and used his ironing board.  That job is done for a while. 

            Lacey got home from work about 6:30 and Robert took us all out to dinner.  We then came back to his house and watched TV until about 9:00, then came home.

November 16  - We read the Sunday paper, and then made a run to Wal-Mart.  Picked up some groceries and other supplies.  Millie started some sourdough bread to bake later on. 

            Robert came over later in the day and started repairs on the bumper boo-boo.  He has done a lot of bodywork on cars, etc. and felt he could get it taken care of.  It is looking much better already.

            Millie fixed dinner and the 3 of us ate.  She cleaned up the kitchen and got her loaves of bread made out.  Robert had to go home and get his laundry done, so we said goodbye.

November 17 – It is cloudy this morning and severe weather is being forecast.  There have been some strong storms north and south of this area.  Millie made a pumpkin pie.

            Dick decided in the early afternoon that he wanted to go to Lowe’s and Sears.  The sky was beginning to get dark when we left the park.  While we were in Lowe’s it began to downpour and the power went off. 

            By the time we checked out at Lowe’s the heavy rain had let up, so we went on down to the mall to Sears.  We walked around in the mall for an hour or so.  It was again pouring down the rain when we left the store.  Fortunately we had our umbrellas and were parked in the first space across from the door. 

            It was a slow trip back home, but the rain had again nearly stopped by the time we got home. 

November 18 – 19 – Not much happening.  Dick took the tires and rims and got rid of them.  We worked on our web page and just did normal stuff.  The weather is clear and warm again.  

            We purchased a bird feeder quite sometime back and finally got seed to put in it.  Dick hung it off the awning at the window behind the desk.  Missy and Ming have really been enjoying watching the birds. 

            Camping World called and our sensor is in.  We have an appointment on Friday to get it installed.

November 20 – Millie went to get a haircut today. We also rearranged our lower kitchen cabinets.  Think we finally have it so it works well.  After dinner we drove to Robert’s and picked up our mail.

November 21  - We got up early and got everything packed up.  We hitched up and took the trailer down to the resort’s RV wash and got it cleaned up.  It wasn’t real dirty, just dustier than anything. 

            After we cleaned up and changed clothes we headed to Camping World.  We stopped and had a BBQ sandwich as we still had plenty of time before our appointment. 

            We got the control box for the awning replaced, returned to the resort and got set up in our space. 

            When Robert got home from work, we picked him up and went to dinner. Lacey had made plans with friends so she didn’t go.  Afterwards we visited with him for a while, then home to bed.

November 22 – We went to McDonald’s for breakfast this morning, and then did our grocery shopping. 

            Robert came up this afternoon and again worked on repairing the boo-boo.  He and Dick also worked on Dick’s computer.  It was in the 80’s and very windy.  The awning sensor worked! 

            After Robert left we went to Jason’s Deli and had something to eat.  When we got back home Millie talked to her sister Evelyn.  Dick then spent the rest of the evening on the phone with Robert working on a computer project.

November 23 – A cold front came through right before dawn and the temps dropped 30 degrees!! B-r-r-r-r.  It is still windy and even though it rained when the front passed through, the sun came out early. 

            Dick walked up to the office and got us a newspaper.  We spent the morning reading the paper and noshing donuts. 

            In the afternoon we drove to Lowe’s and Home Depot.  We also went to Sears, Circuit City and Best Buy.  Dick is looking for a new flat screen TV for the bedroom.  He has been looking since the summer.  We had purchased one in Anchorage but it was defective and we returned it to the store. 

            Dick got his TV and got it hooked up when we got home.  Now he can use his DVD player in the bedroom. 

            Millie fixed dinner and afterwards cleaned up the kitchen and baked a cake.

Dick printed off the address labels for our Christmas cards and Millie got them all done while watching a holiday movie.  We want to get the cards out this week so folks will have our new address. 

            Dick unhooked our water and brought our filter inside.  The temps are being forecast to be down in the 20’s tonight.  Winter is arriving.

November 24 – It was 31 degrees when we got up at 7:15 this morning.   We had breakfast and then sorted the laundry.  We drove up to the laundry room in the back of the park.  Parked next to the laundry area was Brad Paisley’s equipment truck.  We wondered if the entertainer might be staying in the park.  Didn’t see any big buses around though. 

            After finishing the laundry we drove up to Denton to the post office for stamps and to mail our cards.  Dick dropped Millie off at Hobby Lobby while he went to Camping World to return a part he had purchased. 

            We fixed dinner after we got home, then Millie pulled out her serger and made some new pillowcases for our bed.  We had purchased some new pillows and they don’t fit in a standard case, so she purchased a twin sheet and made some that fit. 

November 25 – Millie decided to do some sewing since she already had the serger out. 

She finished a second set of pillowcases and worked on her Christmas vest.  It is nearly finished. 

            After dinner, Millie cleaned up the kitchen.  We watched some TV and Millie cross-stitched.

November 26 – After breakfast, Millie went to Denton to pick up a gift she had ordered and to get some ribbon for the Christmas vest.  In the afternoon she worked on the vest.  It is now all pieced and ready to go to the construction phase. 

            Robert picked Amanda up at the airport after work.  We didn’t go over, it was getting late when they got home, we will see her tomorrow.

November 27Happy Thanksgiving! We watched the parade from Houston this morning.  We are able to pick up the local Houston TV channels on our satellite dish and wanted to watch this parade as Debbie and her family was going to be helping with the parade.  We were hoping to perhaps catch a glimpse of them.  No luck. 

            We went to Robert’s and Millie got busy in the kitchen.  She got the pumpkin pies made and into the oven.  Then we got the turkey out.  Robert had put it in the refrigerator to thaw on Monday.  Well – it was still frozen!  Millie put it in the sink with water to try to get it thawed while the pies were baking. 

            When the pies came out of the oven, the turkey was still frozen.  She and Robert decided to try the defrost setting on the microwave.  That worked somewhat, but the cavity was still filled with a solid chunk of ice.  Running hot water into the cavity finally thawed that.  The turkey was at last in the oven. 

            Millie got the dough for her dinner rolls mixed up and set to rise.  While the turkey was baking we watched the Dallas Cowboys football game.  Amanda and Lacey made deviled eggs for dinner. 

            We had dinner about 6 and despite our fears, the turkey turned out great.  We all ate our fill, then settled down to watch a holiday movie.  (National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation).

            We came home about 9:00 and were soon ready for bed.

November 28 – Millie did a little straightening up the living room this morning.  We made a trip to Wal-Mart to return a gift we had purchased for Robert.  We discovered yesterday that he had already bought one himself.  Oh well, back to square one for him. 

We were surprised to find that the store was not any more crowded than any other day, guess everyone is at the mall. 

            We came home and had some lunch, then watched some TV and Dick puttered on his computer. Later in the afternoon we drove to Robert’s.  We all went out to dinner, and then came back to watch a movie. 

 November 29 – We did some rearranging in one of the kitchen cabinets today.  Millie also wrapped all the Christmas gifts we had purchased.  We took Robert and Lacey’s over when we went to Robert’s later in the afternoon. 

            The girls were shopping when we got to Robert’s; they came in about an hour after we got there.  Robert took everyone out to dinner at Cracker Barrel. 

November 30 – We read the Sunday paper this morning.  Dick went to the car wash and washed the truck.  Millie cleaned the bathroom.  Then she baked a couple of pumpkin pies.  

            Dick went to finish shopping for Robert’s gifts.  Millie watched some TV and finished reading the paper. We didn’t go to Robert’s.  He was going to take the girls out and spend some time together before taking Amanda to the airport.  We had said our goodbyes last night.