December 2003               


December 1 – We spent the day getting ready to move.  Millie finished wrapping the Christmas gifts.  After Robert got home from work, we went down to spend some time with him before we leave.  Lacey was at work so we didn’t get to see her. 

December 2 – Moving day.  We have an appointment at Camping World to get the awning repaired again.  Hope it works this time.  We got everything packed up and headed to Camping World about 11:30 or so.  Our appointment was at 1:00 but we had to be out of the park by noon.  Fortunately they were able to get started on us early.  They discovered that the wind sensor on the roof had corrosion inside and got it replaced. 

            We headed south on I-35 to US 80.  East of Dallas we hopped on I-20 and drove east.  It was a sunny day and we had a nice drive to Marshall.  We arrived at Country Pines RV Park a little after 4:30 and got set up. Millie ran the vacuum cleaner and we straightened up some.  Drove to Marshall to have dinner, then back home, watched TV and rested.

December 3 – Millie finished straightening up this morning.  Dick got our satellite dish set up so we now have our TV.   More units for our rally began arriving today.

            In the afternoon we drove to Jefferson, TX.  Another one of the places we had wanted to visit, just never got around to it while living in Richmond.  Jefferson is billed as the 5th oldest town in TX.  They still have some of the original brick streets and many of the old buildings have been restored.

            We visited the Jefferson Historical Museum, located in the old Federal Building.  Afterward we walked up the street and looked that the holiday decorations.  Millie checked out a couple of the neat shops.  We walked past the “Atlanta”, the private rail car of Jay Gould.  This car offers tours but we were too late in the day. 

            We had a great hamburger at Auntie Skinner’s, and then walked around some more, enjoying the windows of the many shops in the historical downtown. 

            We went back to the truck around dusk and drove through town to enjoy the beautiful Christmas lights displays. 

            Jefferson has a colorful history.  It was the sight of a Civil War battle, a railroad center and a port for steamboats.  It is well worth a visit. 

December 4 - The remainder of the units for the rally arrived today and got set up. 

            Millie pulled out the sewing machine and worked on the Christmas vest again.  It is now ready to line and bind, that will have to wait until we get back to Richmond.  The fabric for her binding is in the storage unit.

            One funny little side to living in a small space.  It seems like it is much easier to loose things!  Millie had purchased some light bulbs for her little candle lights.  She put them away and has been looking for them now for several days.  We have looked everywhere and still can’t find them.  A new anode rod for the hot water heater has also gone missing.  400 square feet of space and we can’t keep track of things!!  Probably because you have to be more creative in storing stuff.

            At 6:00 we walked over to the clubhouse for dinner and to meet our fellow Travel Supreme members.  Some we had met in Hutchison and we were introduced to the rest.  Tom and Earline Herrick are in charge of the rally and Tom had cooked a delicious stew for our dinner. 

            After dinner everyone introduced themselves and told a little about themselves.  We had a good time visiting and getting to know folks.  Around 8:00 everyone began to wander home. 

December 5 – We got up early and dressed, then walked over to the clubhouse for a great pancake and sausage breakfast prepared by some of the men in the group.  We visited for a while after eating, then walked back home.  It is cool and breezy this morning.

            After straightening up the RV, Millie decided to drive into Marshall and visit the famous Marshall Pottery and the Candle Factory Outlet.  Dick decided to stay home and putter.  He wasn’t in the mood for shopping today.

            Millie did her shopping and really didn’t see anything she couldn’t live without, but did enjoy looking.  She got home in the early afternoon and spent some time cleaning up her email file. 

            We fixed a quick dinner and got ready to catch the bus for our tour of the famous Christmas lights in Marshall.

            We boarded the bus at 6:00 and we on our way.  Our first stop was at the courthouse square.  Built in 1901 of limestone, the courthouse is trimmed in 125,000 tiny white lights.  That doesn’t even include the trees surrounding it. It is estimated that Marshall’s lighting displays contains over 1100 miles of lighting.  It was really beautiful all light up.  The main street leading up to the square has trees that are all trimmed in red and white.  Marshall was the first city in Texas to have an outdoor ice rink and we walked over to watch as folks enjoyed the ice. 

            We spotted a nativity and other characters on a lawn across the square that were quite unique.  They are made from clay pots, which is a large industry in the Marshall area. 

            After a tour of the square, we were driven around to various areas in town to see all the beautiful lighted displays.  We really enjoyed the evening and appreciated the work that folks have done to add to the spirit of the season.  Sorry we have no photos of some of the great displays but shots made through the bus window don’t turn out. 

December 6 – It is cold this morning.  We were up early to go to the Cowboy Breakfast in Marshall.  A film crew from Food Network was there and talked to some of the members of our group.  It will be aired about this time next year.  The breakfast consisted of scrambled eggs, sausage, biscuits, gravy, orange juice, coffee and milk.  Not bad for $5.00 per person.

            After breakfast we returned home and Millie read while Dick watched TV.  Ida, a Travel Supreme friend came to visit and to get Millie to help her make a bow from ribbon she had purchased in Marshall.  She talked to Dick about a problem she was having with her GPS and said she would come back later with her computer and have Dick see if he could help her. 

            Debbie called and she and Millie chatted for a while.  Millie also talked to Phyllis and to Ann. 

            Ida came back with her computer and Dick helped her with it.  Then Millie walked back up with Ida to her motor home to see her birds.  Ida and Les travel with an Umbrella Cockatoo and an African Grey Parrot.  They take them outside and the birds like to go for rides on the bicycles.  It is really funny to see them perch on the handlebars and ride around. 

            After visiting with Les and Ida, Millie came home and we got ready to go to the parade in Marshall.  We dressed warmly and got our chairs.  We rode to town with Loyce and Laney Finch in their Freightliner.  It is very roomy, Les and Ida also rode with them and 4 adults fit in the back seat comfortably.

            The parade started at 6:00 and most of the units in it were lighted.  Even the bands wore lights on their uniforms and some even on their instruments.  It was a very large parade for a small town and lasted about 2 hours. 

            After the parade we decided to go to a restaurant there in town, however when we got there the parking lot was full and there was a line out the door waiting.  We decided not to wait.  We headed back to the RV park, deciding on the way that we would all go to the Finches and have drinks and hot chocolate. 

            We spent the rest of the evening enjoying some great company, having a lot of laughs and warming up from the cold. 

December 7 – We were up early this morning and after getting dressed walked over to the clubhouse for our farewell breakfast.  We had a great time with the Traveling Supremes and have decided to join.  Everyone is so friendly and helpful. 

            After breakfast we began packing up.  We were out of the park by 9:30 and on the road to Houston.  We have made this trip down US59 many, many times.  The sun was out and it was a nice day for travel.

            We arrived at Shiloh RV Park in Richmond around 3:00 and got set up.  This is a new park, just opening this summer and only about 2 miles from town so it will be very convenient for us. 

            After showering and changing clothes we drove to Ann’s and picked her up.  The three of us went to Fry’s for dinner.  This is one of Millie’s favorite places to have Potato Soup and she had really missed it. 

            After dinner we returned to Ann and Millie’s sister Mary and her husband Frank came over.  Ann had made pumpkin pie and we enjoyed an evening of catching up and having pie.

December 8 – We had Dr. appointments this morning, so we were up early and on the freeway by 8:00.  Boy we sure don’t miss dealing with the traffic.  After we saw our Dr. we got our lab work taken care of.  By then we were pretty hungry (we had to fast) so we stopped at I-Hop and had breakfast. 

            We headed over to our storage room to pick up some things Dick wanted and the Christmas decorations.  We loaded everything into the truck and made our way back to the RV park.

            Next it was a trip to the Laundromat to do over 2 weeks of laundry.  It normally only takes us 2 hours to do the laundry and today was no exception.  We really don’t mind doing our laundry this way, we like the fact that it can be accomplished in a short time.

            For dinner we went to our favorite BBQ place and had a great meal.  We had really been missing this great food.  After dinner we went by Ann’s for a while, her computer monitor had died and Dick found one in storage to take to her.  While he was taking care of her computer, Millie visited with Ann.  Mary also came by and the three ladies visited while Dick watched some TV. 

December 9 – Millie had an appointment for her Mammogram this morning.  The hospital was extremely busy and it took nearly 2 hours to get this taken care of. 

            We got started on the Christmas tree.  The lights are not functioning and after trying to find the bad bulbs, we decided to take them all off and put on new ones.  This tree came prelit so the lights were attached with tiny clips.  It took us a couple of hours to take them off.  We still had some lights that we had used on the tree in the house and we put them on this tree.  It took us nearly all evening to do this job; we used the clips to attach the lights.   Enough for one day!

December 10 – Millie got the tree decorated today.  Then we started assembling her Lemax village.  We decided to get it set up so that we could hide most of the wires.  While working on that, we found that we needed another transformer for the light up accessories.  It was also lunchtime and we were out of bread, so we headed for Wendy’s and then Wal-Mart to shop for the transformer.  It took three Wal-Marts before we found one.  We were really happier with how the village looked when we finished. 

            After dinner we watched some TV, then off to bed.

December 11 – After breakfast Millie got her ornament finished to take to her sewing guild party tonight.  After she did that, she pulled out the sewing machine and worked on getting her vest bound. 

            Dick decided that we need to go grocery shopping and Millie agreed.  She needed to make a dish to take for the party.  We went to the store and got our shopping over with.  After we got home and put the groceries away, Millie made shrimp puffs to take to the party.  She got her ornament wrapped and was ready to leave.  She picked up Ann and they stopped by to see the Jordan family (Kevin was Millie’s boss before she retired) and pick up Millie’s ticket for the office Christmas party on Saturday.

            The ladies visited with the Jordans for an hour or so, then said goodbye and drove a few blocks to the party.  It was good to see all the old friends again.  We had a good time visiting, exchanging ornaments and gifts and of course, eating all the goodies everyone brought. 

December 12 – Dick left after breakfast today to go across town to Dualco to do some computer work for them.  He has been working as a consultant for these folks for several years now. 

            Millie straightened up the house some while she waited for Ann and Mary to come pick her up.  They were doing a ladies day out. 

            The first stop was our favorite cross-stitch shop, “Creative Stitchery”.  This is the shop where Millie used to go to stitching group.  We enjoyed shopping, and visiting with Chris (the new owner), her three cats and the other customer in the shop.  Of course Millie had to make a few purchases!

            The next stop was lunch at a restaurant in Richmond.  We had a great lunch of Chicken Salad, mixed fresh fruits and broccoli cheese soup.

            The afternoon was spent visiting quilt shops.  They then returned to the RV park and visited for an hour or so before Mary and Ann left.   A misty rain was starting when they left.

            Dick did not get away from Dualco until 5:30 or so and by then it was raining hard.  It was 7:00 before he got home.  The combination of Friday and rain means a traffic nightmare in Houston.  We went to the Olive Garden for dinner.  It really poured while we were inside, even an umbrella didn’t help. 

December 13 – Millie was up early this morning (6:30) and read until Dick got up.  She then got dressed and started finishing up the Christmas decorations.  She worked until about 3:00 and got it done.  Our RV really looks festive.  She and Debbie will be going to Ann’s tomorrow to set up Ann’s tree and help with her decorating.

            We took showers and got dressed to go to Millie’s office Christmas Party.  This is the first time we have really dressed up since Lacey’s graduation.  Jeans or khakis have been our normal attire.  Millie says her body didn’t like those panty hose and heels!

            We arrived at Sam Houston Race Park and joined our group in the Winner’s Circle Dining Room.  It was great to visit with everyone and get caught up.  Dinner was a buffet with crab legs, boiled shrimp, salad bar, hot pasta bar, 2 fish dishes and roast beef.  Then there were the deserts.  We ate way too much, but everything was so good.

            During the evening we looked at the race program and watched several races.  Millie decided to make a wager in the 7th race on a horse named Lacey Oakley.  She picked this horse because the name was spelled the same as our granddaughter Lacey Paxton.  The odds were 8 to 1 and Millie bet $2.00 to win.  Lacey didn’t let her down, winning the race.  It was our first time ever to a horse track and first time ever to wager on a race. 

            The last race of the evening was named for Millie’s company, Schermerhorn and we were escorted to the Winner’s Circle to watch the race and present the trophy for the winning horse.  It was cold outside but we all enjoyed watching the race.  Millie and Dick decided to wager on this race since it was named for our party.   We chose a horse with Sunshine in its name, since we will be looking for sunshine in January.  The odds were 5 to 1 and we wagered $5 this time. (Boy we were getting brave!)  Well, our horse again won!  After Monica Jordan presented the race trophy, we cashed in our ticket and headed home.   It was a late evening for us, but we enjoyed seeing the group again.

December 14 – We got dressed and drove to church.  It was good to be back at St. John’s again.  The choir presented the program, a beautiful message of music. 

            After church we stopped at Shipley’s and picked up donuts, then home to change and enjoy our treat. 

            Dick dropped Millie off at Ann’s and went off to do his Christmas shopping.  Millie and Debbie worked on doing Ann’s Christmas decorating, while Ann did some of her baking.  They got the tree all trimmed after working for quite some time to get the strings of lights burning.  They then got Ann’s little village set up and the lights working.  Dick came by after he finished his shopping, visited for a bit and then we decided it was time to go home. 

December 15 – We were up early this morning and at the Dentist’s office for our 9:00 appointment.  Oops!  Millie had the wrong day; we are supposed to be here tomorrow.  OK, guess she is getting old-timers.  At least we are up and dressed.

            Millie was going to have lunch with the group at Schermerhorn today.  Dick had to go back to Dualco and take some paperwork to them, so we drove into Houston.  Dick dropped Millie off and headed across town. 

            Millie had lunch with the old crew.  It was good to visit with them all and Don (salesman from Atlanta) was there.  They had a great lunch of fajitas and the trimmings.  Dick picked her up around 2:00 and drove back to Richmond.   

            Millie was invited to go to a holiday party with Ann and Mary this evening.  Mary picked her up and they went to the Pecan Grove area for the party.  It was a nice evening with the Midnight Oil Smockers.  The food was great, everyone brought something, and the company was nice.  The ladies do a raffle at their meetings, with each one bringing something to donate.  There was a lot of neat Christmas items, but only one that Millie wanted.  She purchased her tickets for a snowman ornament.  Mary also had tickets in that drawing.  Mary won the raffle, but was kind enough to give Millie the ornament.

December 16 – Today is the day for the dentist.  We got our annual checkups and our cleaning.  Millie has a problem with a couple of teeth and Dr. Thetford thinks an Endodontist should see her for one of them.  They are going to work her in on Friday. 

            After going to the dentist we drove into Houston and had lunch at a great BBQ place near where Millie had worked.  She had been hungry for a sandwich from there for quite some time.

            We then went to Sam’s Club and Wal-Mart.  After our shopping we came home and Millie decided to get started on her holiday baking.  She made a big batch of cutout cookies to decorate.  After finishing the cookies she cleaned up the kitchen and then we were ready for bed.

December 17 – Millie saw the Endodontist today.  Since we will be here only a limited time and he will be on vacation for the next 2 weeks, she decided she would take care of the problem when we get to Florida. 

            After her appointment, Millie did her Christmas shopping for Dick.  Kohl’s was pretty busy, they had a lot of specials plus an extra discount for seniors.  (We will take all the savings we can get!)

            After dinner Millie got her cut out cookies frosted and decorated.  Of course, Dick had to do a taste test and pronounced them as ready to go.

December 18 – Millie had a doctor appointment this morning and a dentist appointment this afternoon.  Dr. Thetford got her crown prep done.  It was a long session in the chair and Millie was tired when she got home. 

            We went to Ann’s after Millie got home and got some outside lights put up for her.  We also hung a large wreath on the outside of the house.  It was one we had in storage that we can no longer use and it looks really nice on Ann’s house.  This is the first time in years that she has had any outdoor decorating and she was pleased. 

            We came home and had some soup, then spent a quiet evening.

December 19 – Dick called some dear friends of ours, Will and Ann DeVaney and talked to them.  It was decided that we would get together with them this evening and go out to dinner.  It has been quite a while since we have seen them and we were really looking forward to it. 

            Not being ones to put things off (right!), we started on our project for gifts for our extended family.  We had decided to make calendars for everyone with photos of our Alaskan odyssey and everyone’s anniversaries and birth dates noted.  We needed 18 of them, so we decided to print them in batches of 6.  We started the first 6 printing, then started working on a project Dick has been wanting to do.  He is making a Plexiglas “storm door” for our door.  We worked on it until time to get ready to go to dinner.

            We drove to Will and Ann’s house around 6.  We visited for a while before going to eat.  The DeVaney’s have been doing some traveling this year and are thinking that they may want to try renting an RV for a trial.  Ann has health problems that necessitate her using a walker or wheel chair and they are thinking this would be a good travel option for them.  They were anxious to get our opinions on this. 

            We had dinner at C & H Chop House.  The food is always excellent at this upscale establishment and we were all stuffed when we finished.  We then drove back to the DeVaney’s for more visiting before saying goodnight.  We are planning to get together again before we leave here.  Our old square dance club has a get together once a month and we will be going with Will and Ann.  The club is no longer a dance club but they still have a social get together once a month.  We have never been able to get it worked in to our schedule when we were working, but now we can attend.

            When we got home the printer was still running, this is going to take longer than we anticipated!

December 20 – We worked on the calendars all day.  We were both up several times during the night last night feeding card stock into the printer.  We will start sooner next time!  We finished up on the “storm door”, so now we can have the door open and still use the A/C or heat.  The kitties will enjoy being to look out. 

            We took a break in the early afternoon and went to Fry’s to eat.  Then we drove to Debbie’s to deliver their Christmas gifts.  We visited with them for a while, then back home to work on the calendars.

December 21 – We were up early and went to church.  The Sunday School youngsters presented the service.  It was a lovely service and we enjoyed it.

            After church we finished up the calendars and drove into town to drop them off for binding at Kinko’s. 

            We came home and Millie baked a batch of cookies.  We read the newspaper and soon it was time for dinner.  Millie had put a roast and potatoes in the crock-pot after church.  It was delicious. 

            We cleaned up the kitchen and went back to Kinko’s to pick up the calendars.  We then went over to visit with Mary and Frank for a while.

December 22 – We were up early and dressed.  Millie was supposed to take Ann to the Texas Eye Institute to have her cataracts checked.  Ann called and her appointment had been changed to tomorrow.

            Millie decided to get busy wrapping all the calendars.  It took her most of the morning to get them all wrapped.  She ran out of ribbon so we took a run up to our storage unit to get what we had there. 

December 23 – Several of the calendars needed to be mailed so Dick dropped Mille off at Ann’s and made the post office run.  We took all the ones for here to Ann’s as all the family will be there Christmas Eve.  Everything is now ready.  This is the first time in years we have had everything done this early.  Wow what a good feeling.

            Millie and Ann went to Houston for Ann’s eye appointment.  They went to a favorite Chinese restaurant for lunch before going to the appointment.  It was late afternoon before they were back on their way home. 

            Dick came to Ann’s to pick Millie up and told her they didn’t have any water.  A line at the park had broken.  When we got back to the park there was still no water, so we went to the new Chili’s to eat dinner.  The water was back on when we got back to the park.

December 24 – Christmas Eve.  We got up and watched the Today Show while Millie did the hand stitching on the binding of her Christmas vest.  After she finished it, she decided she wanted a new skirt to wear tonight, so off to the mall we went.  It was surprisingly uncrowded and she found what she wanted rather fast. 

            We ran the vacuum cleaner and Millie mopped the vinyl floors.  We made a run to Wal-Mart for some new rugs, ours were getting worn. 

            We fixed a quick dinner of leftovers from Sundays roast and cleaned up the kitchen.  We then dressed and drove to church for the Candlelight Communion Service.  This is always an inspiring and uplifting service.  It focuses us on the real meaning of Christmas. 

            After church we went to Ann’s for the family Christmas party.  This is always a fun evening and we so enjoy getting to see everyone.  We do miss those family members who are not able to be there.  Everyone eats lots of goodies and we all open the gifts we exchanged. 

            Ann was thrilled with her gift from us.  Millie did a beautiful piece of counted cross-stitch for her.  She finished it up while we were in Alaska and we had it framed while we were in Dallas.  We also gave Ann, Mary and Evelyn the unique ulu’s we had purchased in Alaska.

            The family members were all given the calendars.  They were a hit and we were quite proud that everyone liked them.  We had also prepared small stockings for the kids and passed them out. 

            One great gift we received from our niece Angel was a small pillow made of a section of an old quilt.  This quilt was made by Ann’s parents, (Millie’s grandparents), Charles and Mary Lawson.  Angel made each couple a pillow from a piece of the quilt and also presented us with a card that had a picture of Mom and Pop Lawson on the front and poem about the pillow inside.  It will be a treasure we will keep forever. 

            We stayed at Ann’s until quite late, then Richard and Diana followed us back to the park to pick up their gifts.  They visited with us for a while, so it was about 1:30 before we got to bed.

December 25Merry Christmas!! We opened our gifts.  We both got clothes for each other.  We got some really neat T-shirts from Richard and Dick received an air tool set from Robert.  Robert gave Millie a beautiful gold and diamond heart necklace and Dick gave her emerald earrings.

            After we dressed, Millie started baking.  She made a couple of pumpkin pies and also rolls to take to Mary’s for dinner.  Her rolls are famous in our family. 

            We went to Mary and Frank’s for Christmas dinner.  Ann, niece Angel and her granddaughter Angel, and Mary and Frank’s son Darin and his wife Celsa were also there.  We had ham, turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, baked sweet potatoes and dressing along with the rolls.  It was a great meal with great company and we were proud to have been included. 

            We came home around 4:30 and Millie took a nap, as she had a headache.  We then spent the remainder of the evening quietly.   Millie called Dick and Phyllis to wish them a Merry Christmas. We also enjoyed some of the pie that Millie had made earlier. 

December 26 – This morning we took the kitties to have their vet visits.  They received their rabies vaccinations and Dr. Folger pronounced them to be in perfect health.  They will go back next year to see him. 

            We took the kitties back home, and then we went grocery shopping.  We were going to do laundry and need fabric softener sheets.  We also picked up some other staples that we were low on. 

            After putting the groceries away, we sorted the laundry and loaded it into the truck.  Mary had told Millie about a brand new Laundromat that had just opened and we decided to go there.  It was very clean and not crowded at all.  We had the laundry done in about 2 hours.  One thing happed while there.  Dick had been putting the fabric softener sheets into the driers.  He took the laundry supplies out to the truck and came back.  He asked Millie if she had the dryer sheets.  We looked all over for the box.  It was gone.  A couple of other people had left with their laundry about that time and apparently one of them took our box of dryer sheets!  Well, we will have to buy more before we do laundry again.

            We dropped the laundry off at home and gathered up some gifts we needed to exchange.  We had purchased some clothes for each other in the wrong sizes.  We were off to the mall.  It wasn’t too bad, some lines at the registers, but all in all not horrible.  After that we went to dinner and then back home.  Millie talked to Ann and she hadn’t been feeling good today.  She has a sinus infection.  Hopefully she will feel better in a few days. 

December 27 – Pretty much a quiet day.  We went to Fuddruckers in the late afternoon for a burger.  Also stopped at Bed, Bath and Beyond for a few items.  The store was really busy and long lines at the register. 

            Mary called and she is going to take Ann to the ER, as she is not doing any better.  After several hours there they determined that Ann has bronchitis and a slight stomach virus.  She was given a shot and a couple of prescriptions.  Hopefully she will be feeling better tomorrow.

December 28 – We went to church this morning.  Not many folks there, of course that always seems to happen the Sunday following Christmas.

            After church we went to Ann’s.  Dick got her new firewall/router installed on her computer.  Millie put away the dishes from Christmas Eve and loaded the dishwasher.  Ann is feeling better this morning and hopefully on the mend. 

            We spent the afternoon reading the paper.  Late in the afternoon a cold front came through.  It had been 76 earlier and the temps dropped to 53 in about 2 hours time.  It also began to rain. 

            Millie fixed pork chops for dinner, and after cleaning up the kitchen we watched some TV before bed.

December 29 – Millie talked to Larry at Glass Happy this morning and we are going to take our stained glass to him to get it repaired. (We cracked it when we were installing it.)  It took us a bit to get the pane out.  We did get it out without any more damage.  We replaced it with the original glass for the time being.

            Now we were ready for the big job today!  We will be sorting out our storage room and moving everything to a small unit.  The new unit is just a few spaces down from the old one so it will make moving somewhat easy.  A lot of boxes were packed without inventories and we need to do this.

            It took us most of the day to accomplish the sorting and moving.  We got rid of a lot of stuff, some trashed and some for donation.  Everything has been organized and we had plenty of room in the smaller unit.  One more thing off our plates. 

            Ann is doing much better today; think she is on the road to recovery. 

December 30 – Only 2 more days in 2003.  Time really passes when you are having fun!!

We drove to Katy to deliver the stained glass to Larry this morning.  He will try to have it repaired before we leave here next week.  He has some really beautiful pieces in his studio.  We visited with him for a bit, then back to Richmond.

            We brought some things back from storage yesterday, just left them in the truck as we were tired and didn’t want to deal with them.  We brought some of it in today and started sorting through it.  Millie wanted some of her sewing things and cross-stitch supplies to take along now.  We knew we would be busy most times on our Alaska trip and didn’t take much of those things along. 

            Millie had sorted through her closet and had some things to put in storage (sweaters, etc) and a large bag for donations.  She had some warm weather clothes stored that she wanted to use now.  She sorted through all her sewing supplies and got them all organized.  What was in 2 Rubbermaid tubs is now in her tackle box and ½ of a tub.  The tub will go back to storage.

            Everything is now sorted and inventoried.  It will be easier for us to know what we do and do not have now.

            Debbie called, as we were finishing up to let us know they would be down this evening.  We straightened up and fixed spaghetti for dinner, then cleaned up the kitchen.

            Debbie, Russell, Rikki and Chad arrived around 7:30.  We visited until nearly 10:00 and had a nice evening together.  We will be meeting them in Atlanta next month for Rikki’s cheerleading competition. 

December 31 – Millie’s Aunt Phyllis called early this morning.  She lives in Florida and wanted to be sure we would come to see her while we are there.  We haven’t seen her for a number of years.  She came to visit us here in Texas quite a few years ago.

            Millie had a lunch date with Jane (her friend and Dental Hygienist).  She picked up Jane at her office and the girls met Art (Jane’s hubby) who treated them both to lunch.  The ladies then drove back to the dental office and Millie had her appointment with Dr. Thetford to have her new crown installed.

            After finishing up at the dentist Millie decided to spend some time with Ann.  Ann is still under the weather, but feeling better every day.  She and Millie spent the afternoon visiting together.

            We are not big party people, so an early dinner is our usual celebration of New Year’s Eve.  Dick checked with Ruth’s Chris Steak House but they only had openings around 4:00, which was just too early for us to eat.  We decided to go to Texas Land & Cattle.  We arrived there around 6:00 and only had to wait a few minutes for a table.  After a great dinner we drove home and spent our usual quiet evening. 

            This past year has been a great whirlwind for us, beginning with the sale of the house, our retirement, the great trip to Alaska and of course, the holidays with our family.  We are looking forward to 2004 and more adventures.  RV There Yet?  Nope, the journey is just continuing.  We hope that you were as blessed this year as we were and that we all have a safe and Happy New Year.   We hope to see you down the road.

(Note:  We have added some photo's to the album sections that are not linked to from this page.  Millie has had several inquiries about her sewing storage we made, you can find photos of it in our new project photos section. )