April 2003               



            April and our last month to work.  We are really getting excited to be on our way to our new life. 

            Dick was off on the 1st and had his dental cleaning and eye exam.  We also had discovered a water leak and he took the TS to PPL to get it checked out.  Rather than stress Missy and Ming by leaving them in the TS, Millie dropped them off for a day of kitty day care, before she headed to work.  PPL was unable to get the water to leak for them so we brought the TS home after work and set back up.

            The rest of the week was uneventful, just regular things such as laundry.  Out to eat on Friday night.  Millie also got her Sewing Guild newsletter done.  This is the last one of those to do.  Saturday was spent with Dick puttering on his computers and Millie making a dust ruffle for the bed.  The only exciting part of that day occurred when Millie lifted the bed to get her thread box from underneath and it wouldnít go back down.  Something happened to one of the lifters.  Dick ran over to PPL and picked one up and had the repair done in short order.

            Sunday we woke up to drizzly weather.  We went to church and then came home and read the paper and enjoyed donuts.  We then went shopping for fabric to cover the tub containing the sewing machines and something for Millie to wear Easter Sunday. Stopped at Target and picked up some groceries, then home.  We had dinner and spent the rest of the evening relaxing.

            The second week pretty much normal.  Millie worked on the dust ruffle again and Dick spent on whole evening trying to get his WinProxy working.  Finally got someone from their customer support to call him, he had been working on the problem for 3 weeks via email with no results.  We have also started walking every evening, having been really lax about it the past year or so. Thursday was Millieís last Sewing Guild meeting and the group presented her with a beautiful miniature rose in a pretty basket, along with a gift card from JoAnnís Fabrics.  Millie has promised to keep everyone updated on great fabric stores as she travels. 

            The weather has finally improved with temps in the 70ís and low 80ís and sunshine for a change.  It is so nice to be able to enjoy the outdoors. 

            Saturday, the 11th we drove to Columbus for an evening at the Dinner Theater in the Old Opera House there.  Dinner was a buffet, catered by Mikeska BBQ, who has been in the area from many years.  We have never been disappointed in their food and this time was no exception.  The show was an evening of music presented by ďPiano, Silk and SatinĒ from Fredericksburg, TX.  They did a lot of music from the swing era along with some of our more modern Broadway favorites. 

            Sunday we attended church and dropped by Annís afterward.  We had provided the flowers for the church altar and as we donít have room for the arrangements, we took them to Ann to enjoy. 

            Tuesday was our wedding anniversary.  Dick also had his appointment for his yearly physical.  Wednesday Millie went to Richmond to be at the hospital when Ann had her breast biopsy done.  Ann came thru the surgery well and we will now wait on the pathology reports.  Afterward Millie met Dick and they took Monster Truck to Alvin to have it gone over and get it ready for the upcoming travels.  Thursday Millie drove Dick to work, and then started her round of Dr. appointments.  Afterwards, she picked up Dick at the office and we again headed to Alvin to pick up the truck.  As we were waiting for the porter to bring the truck around, they discovered a problem with one of the back windows.  They determined it was the power switch and did not have on in stock.  We told them we would return on Friday after they got it repaired. 

            Friday was Good Friday and we were both off work.  We slept in a little, then got the laundry sorted and headed to the laundry room Dick ran an errand while Millie sat with the laundry.  It was a beautiful day so Millie sat outside and worked on her cross-stitch while the washers and driers were going.  After the laundry was done, we went to the grocery store and stocked up.  Then we again headed to Alvin for the truck.  Before leaving the dealership, Dick checked out the window and it still wasnít working correctly. So, we left it again with the hopes that it would be ready on Saturday.  We came back to Houston and had dinner. 

            Saturday we rearranged a couple of cabinets and straightened up the house.  Jimmy came in the afternoon and got the trailer washed.  We will work on getting a couple of coats of Protect All put on it this week so that we will be ready for the highway.  At least we will start out clean!  The truck was still not ready, so it will be Monday before we can get it.

            Easter Day was a glorious day at church even tho the weather did not cooperate.  It was overcast all morning.  After church we stopped by Annís for a while, then headed back home.  We changed and started applying ProtectAll to the RV.  We got one side finished when the rain started.  We cleaned up and headed out to have dinner at Outback, then back home and relaxed.

            The truck was finally ready on Monday, so we drove to Alvin after work to pick it up. 

            Tuesday after work we again started on the RV with the ProtectAll and got it finished.  It sure looks good! 

            The remainder of the week was pretty much the normal stuff.  We are starting to get anxious to get going. 

            Sunday, the 27th, was our last Sunday at church.  It was announced that we were leaving and we were given best wishes.  We went to Annís for a bit, then came home and read the paper.  At 5:00, we hosted a family dinner at The Swinging Door, a great BBQ place right outside of Richmond.  We had a really good time visiting with our family and saying goodbye. 

            Monday, the 28th was Millieís retirement party.  We had a private dinner at the Sugar Land location of Ruthís Chris Steak House.  Kevin did a great job of putting it together and we all enjoyed a great evening of fellowship and good food.  Millie received several gift cards for restaurant chains and one for Wal-Mart from her fellow workers.  Kevin also gave her the DVD set of the Civil War series.  Her corporation presented her with a nice bonus check.

            Tuesday, the 29th was Dickís turn.  His co-workers took him to lunch at Taste of Texas and then when they returned to the office, a reception was held.  He was presented with a beautiful watch and American Express Gift Cheques.

            Wednesday, the 30th was our last day to work.  Dick didnít have to do much but go in and turn in his computer, badge, etc and finish paperwork.  Millie had to do her final billing and Month End Closing.  Dick drove the car to Rosenberg, where he had contracted with a dealer to sell it.  Millie drove out and picked him up after she got off work.  We ran some errands, had dinner and began packing up to get off on the 1st